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    Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    My husband and I just found out we are expecting our first child : ) (we just got married in December and were unbelievably excited) We dont know the gender yet, but we intend to find out. Im at very high risk of having multiples, but we are hoping its just one for now.
    We like regal, classical names. Our families are partly French so we prefer names with French origins, but it is not a requirement. I tend to like longer names, and prefer using full names rather than going straight to the nickname. We dont like made-up names or anything thats gender ambiguous. Our last name is French and two-syllables, starting with an L. The names we are considering for now are :

    Girls :
    Beatrice (*)
    Anais (*)
    Eugenie (*)
    Juliette (*)
    Annabelle (*)
    Leonie (*)
    Florence (*)

    Boys :
    August (*)
    Augustin (*)
    Noah (*)
    Julius (*)
    William (*)
    Matthias (*)

    The ones with an (*) are family names. I would really like some comments/opinions on those names, and suggestions for more we might like. I really want to get this right. Thank you so much!

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    Girls :
    Beatrice (*) love, might get really popular, but I would still use it.
    Anais (*) love
    Delphine so cute
    Eugenie (*) When it's pronounced ooh-jhen-AY, I love it.
    Charlotte very lovely!
    Celeste one of my favorites
    Victoria this is a fine name but has been pretty popular in my neck of the woods, I know someone I don't like with this name so now I'm biased.
    Juliette (*) delightful
    Ophelia Sorry I do think of Ophelia in Hamlet who went mad. But very pretty.
    Annabelle (*) so cute. love it spelled Annabel. It's on the hipster list, but I don't think you need to worry about that unless you live in Manhattan or West L.A.
    Celia love it. also a great nickname for Cecilia. I think it could be a nickname for Cecily, too.
    Leonie (*) extremely cute and very different!
    Adelaide so cute! love addie. Addie might get popular.
    Florence (*) wonderful, not so common. Also love Flora.

    Boys :
    August (*) Yes, love it
    Augustin (*) Ditto
    Seamus I'm not wild about this, I don't know why. I'm sure it's a good name.
    Damian Ditto
    Noah (*) love
    Arnaud different and very French
    Julius (*) love
    William (*) one of my very favorites
    Felix so cute
    Edward really love
    Matthias (*) love a lot
    Victor love and it starts with a "v"! It is fun to say the sound "v" all day.

    More you might like:



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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    [Advance warning: I'm a complete dork about French names, so you pressed the right button to set me in motion. Let's hope some of the other ladies can be a smidge more objective than I can.]

    Beatricelovely, but due to become trendy any day now
    Anaisthis is a great name; exotic and attention-getting
    Delphinegorgeous; feels very regal. With all the Danielles, Nicoles, etc., in the US, I cant figure out why Delphine hasnt caught on here
    EugenieLOVE IT. A bona fide regal name (Princess Eugenie in England, there was also a Eugenie in the Bonaparte family).
    CharlotteCharlotte is fine, but its not a name I get excited about. You have so many bolder choices on your list, Id want to steer you towards them instead.
    CelesteLove this one too. Its one of those perfect names that everyone can pronounce, but it still stands out in a crowd.
    Victoriavery 80s
    Juliettepretty, though Id reserve it for a mn.
    OpheliaI know an Ophelia who was miserable her entire teenage life because she was teased mercilessly. (Hey, Ophelia, come feel THIS! "Yeah, I'd feel ya.")
    Annabellepretty but super trendy; if you want to honor a family member, Id keep it as a middle
    Celiavery pretty; Im also fond of Cecile.
    Leoniegreat choice, but will people have trouble pronouncing it?
    Adelaidemaybe Adeline instead?
    Florencewhen pronounced in the French fashion, it makes me light-headed; when given the American pronunciation, Id recommend Flora

    Boys :
    Augusttrendier by the minute
    Augustina much better alternative to August
    Seamusa super-fun Irish name, but just like Lola has that Charlotte/harlot hangup, I always process this name as Shame us.
    DamianI have a student named Damian whos single-handedly destroying my sanity. I cant get past him to look at the name objectively.
    Noahtoo popular
    ArnaudLOVE it! One of my favorite fun-guy names.
    JuliusI like Julius. What about Julien or Jules as alternatives?
    Williamagain, Id reserve it as a middle to honor family; I just cant be excited about William
    Felixtrending up
    Edwardbound to start moving up the ranks thanks to all the Twilight insanity; still, the love of my life is named Edouard, so I will always be partial to this name. :)
    MatthiasI like it, thought like Leonie, I wonder if its going to present pronunciation problems
    Victorthis one still feels old-man-ish for me, hasnt quite revived. I suppose its all the Days of our Lives I watched in college. Victor was bad news.

    Here are some other French names Id suggest. Some of these lose all their lustre when pronounced in the American fashion, and some would be better as middle names, but I wanted to bring them up anyway:



    And a couple of links to a favorite site of mine for French names. The first is a list of royal names, and the second is classics, both of which should be right up your ally.

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    Hi Sophia,

    First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! This is my first Nameberry post, so I hope I do this right. :-)

    The previous posters have suggested some wonderful names, and the only other names I can think to add are:


    Best wishes to you and your husband!

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    Hi again,

    I didn't intend for the words I wrote above next to appear in a brown square. Oopsies! I wrote comments next to each name, and am still trying to figure out what I did wrong!

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    That should read, "...I didn't intend for the words I wrote above to appear in a brown square..." Um, yeah. I'm sure off to a great start with my posts! :-)

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    Thank you for the comments :) You guys hit the nail on the head with your suggestions. Noemie is my middle name, Laurence is my mom's name, and my husband is in love with Vincent. I hadn't thought of Adrien, but I love it. There are several of the names you mentioned that are very serious middle name contenders

    We still have plenty of time, but our list is getting more precise. I have pros and cons for all of them, and I would love comments. It's so hard to decide, and you're so helpful!

    Girls :
    - Beatrice
    (this is the one Im absolutely dying to use. It was my great-grandmothers name, and my moms middle name. Im very close to my grandfather and I know it would mean the world to him if I named my daughter after his mother. I adore the name, Im just a bit worried about how popular it might become. Do you think its likely to become really trendy and lose its charm?)
    - Anais
    (we really love it. It would also be a great way to honor several Annes in our family. Im a bit worried about its ambiguity)
    - Delphine
    (love it, not many cons, just not sure its as good a name as others on our list)
    - Eugenie
    (also the name of a relative I would absolutely love to honor. Im a bit worried about people not pronouncing it properly)
    - Celeste
    (a more recent favourite. Ive loved all the other ones for years, and I hope this one is not just a phase. I would love to occasionally use Celia as a nickname)
    - Juliette
    (I change my mind everyday about this one. I love it, if I dont use it Id seriously consider it as a middle, but Im not sure I love it enough to put it in the front. Honors an important relative)
    - Leonie
    (another more recent favourite. Im having trouble figuring out how much I love it. Important relative)
    - Florence
    (this one is quickly approaching the top of the list. Wed occasionally use Flora as a nickname)

    Boys :
    - Augustin
    (both my parents were born in August, I love the idea of honoring them this way. I love the name, but it would need a shorter occasional nickname and I cant think of any)
    - Damian
    (I like it better in French. Not a favourite, but not ready to fully take it off the list)
    - Arnaud
    (I think this is my favourite (pronounced Ar-NO) I love how French it is, yet easy to pronounce. Possible cons?)
    - Edward
    (I love it pronounced in full, no nickname. In love with the French spelling, Edouard)
    - Matthias
    (another favourite. Great way to honor a very important relative named Matthew. Worried about how ambiguous it is. Wouldn't want everyone to say Matt 100% of the time)
    - Victor
    (not sure how good a name it is, but I cant help but love it)
    - Vincent
    (my husbands absolute favorite. Im not sure how much I like it)
    - Adrien (
    recent favourite, thanks to Susan. Love it)

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I need them badly!

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    OK, based on the pros and cons you just said, I'd absolutely use Beatrice. It definitely sounds like it honors the most important people, and it's a great name! While it might be gaining in popularity some, as of 2007 it's still only number 899... it's unlikely that it'll become so popular so fast that it's no longer cute. It's a classic. You could use almost any of your other names as a middle with this and it'd sound great. I'm personally a little obsessed with Delphine right now, so my choice would be Beatrice Delphine... beauty!

    As for boys...
    Augustin, great way to honor your parents! August is number 2 on my list right now! Two GREAT nicknames are Augie and Gus!
    Arnaud, the main con is see is that people would probably call him Arnold quite often.
    Edward, love it.
    Matthias, if you're worried about people calling him Matt, I wouldn't use it...
    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
    Flynn William Warfield

    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
    -James Franco

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    I think you should definitely use Beatrice (if not as a first name, what about Flora Beatrice?), as it's beautiful and you adore it. Of the boy's names, I love Edward Augustin or Edward Vincent (you love Edward, and your husband loves Vincent).

    You have wonderful taste, and truly can't go wrong!

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    Re: Opinions/Suggestions for first baby on the way

    Girls :
    - Beatrice if I were you I would choose this name. A way to tell if you love it more than anything is: how would you feel if suddenly one of your good friends or cousins used it and then you couldn't use it anymore? Would you be completely heartbroken? If you would be heartbroken, that means you really love it, even if it gets popular. I don't see it getting to the top ten. My aunt's name was Beatrice, so I especially love it even though I didn't like her very much. I love family names.
    - Anais this is really pretty
    - Delphine pretty and fun
    - Eugenie very pretty, but I would worry about the pronunciation, too.
    - Celeste this is my personal favorite on the list.
    - Juliette so pretty
    - Leonie I love those lion names
    - Florence I love it because I love the city.

    Boys :
    - Augustin Auggie and Gus, love it!
    - Damian Sorry, I just don't like it too much.
    - Arnaud the con would be that people would mispronounce it and then you and later he would have to correct them and tell them how to spell it. But it is a wonderful name!
    - Edward I love this name because it's the first name of Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. Seriously, I would name my son after Mr. Rochester. I've probably read that book at least fifteen times.
    - Matthias He could end up being a Matt, especially as a teen.
    - Victor so much fun! He could end up being a Vic, but I think Vic is cute.
    - Vincent this one is my favorite on the boys' list. It is so fun to say. It would be fun to yell, too. You do have to yell your kids' names sometimes, like when you call them to dinner. I love the sound of "v", and I love Vincent Van Gogh. Nicknames are Vin, Vinnie, and Vince.
    - Adrien glad you love this. I love it so much!

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