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Thread: Riley?

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    What do you think of the name Riley?

    Which gender do you prefer it on? (I like it either way, although I'm leaning towards boy right now. This is a name that I think is truly unisex and works well for either gender.)

    Any good middle name ideas? (Suggestions for either gender are welcome, although because Riley is gender-ambiguous I think that a gender-specific middle name would work better. Also, my surname is two syllables and ends in -son.)

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    lola Guest

    Re: Riley?

    Riley's all boy to me. I think Riley Poole (form National Treasure) first and foremost. (yes, it's a character name, he's really Justin Bartha)
    So it still skews masculine for me. I cna't in good concience endorse Riley for a girl, I think it's ugly on one.

    Riley Alexander
    Riley Edward
    Riley William
    Riley James (I know one of these)
    Riley George
    Riley Stephen
    Riley Ethan
    Riley Thomas
    Riley Frederick
    Riley Christopher
    Riley Marcus
    Riley Peter
    Riley John
    Riley Aidan

    So I thin Riley on a boy would go with just about anything a bit more solid than Brayden. :)

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    Re: Riley?

    Lola, I like quite a few of the combos you suggested (my top pick from those would be Riley Thomas; Riley Charles is another one I came up with on my own). Thanks for your ideas!

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    Re: Riley?

    All of my students with the name Riley are girls. I have never met a boy Riley.

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    Re: Riley?

    I have met one boy Riley and two girl Rileys.

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    Re: Riley?

    I like Riley best for a boy but of course the first mn I thought of was Riley Eliza. For a boy how about Riley Josiah, Riley Lucas, Riley Christian, Riley Owen or Riley Phillip. I really like Riley Charles and Riley Michael.

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