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    Sister name to go with Keira?

    We have one daughter and her name is Keira Elizabeth. I would like to keep her sister's name in the "Irish" name family. Her middle name will definitetly be Margaret. Some names I really like: Sabrina, Lyla, or even Margaret as the first name. Any comments or additional suggestions?

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    Re: Sister name to go with Keira?

    I love the name Margaret!
    Other names to go with Keira:
    I got these off the Irish names list I clicked "stylish". Except for Ailsa which I just remembered. I like it. Ailsa is Scottish. If you don't mind Scottish, Maisie is a Scottish nickname for Margaret. Very cute!

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    Re: Sister name to go with Keira?

    Keira and Maisie... adorable! For the sake of sanity, I'll give the English versions of other favorite Irish names; the stars are ones I particularly like:

    Eva Margaret (Aoife)
    Aveline Margaret (Aibhlinn means "longed-for child")
    Aideen Margaret (the feminine form of Aidan)
    *Eilish Margaret (pronounced AY-lish)
    Alana Margaret
    Keeva Margaret (Caoimhe is rather popular in Ireland)
    *Fiona Margaret
    *Niamh Margaret (I can't go with the phonetic Neve here, I like Niamh too much)
    Nora (or Elinor) Margaret
    *Margaret Iseult (I'd go with this and call her Maisie)

    I think each of these would go wonderfully with Keira.

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    Re: Sister name to go with Keira?

    I think Neve Margaret is beautiful. I love love love the name Keira by the way

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    Re: Sister name to go with Keira?

    I like Sabrina, Delaney, and I think Colleen is beautiful and underused. Maybe I'm biased because I know two beautiful, lovely, smart women named Colleen. Have you considered Tenley, or Emery? What about using Ireland as a middle name, especially if you pick a less recognizably Irish first name (like Sabrina Ireland). Also, don't count out Caitlin and Shannon. Good luck! :)
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