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    Re: Baby Namers - need some creative names

    Beckett-major Irish playwright.
    Other author names: Carson, Blake, Roald, Truman, Walker, Zane, Byron, Langston, Auden, Crane.
    Got these off the Authors hot list. Look up any of the above names and scroll down to find it.

    I love Georgia!

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    Re: Baby Namers - need some creative names

    The first name that came to mind was Sonja or Sonia. So I looked it up and here's what Nameberry said about it....
    Gender: F
    Origin: Russian and Scandinavian variation of SOPHIA
    Meaning: "wisdom"

    I think the nn Sunny could be an option?? But, not really needed

    Sonja Calista or Sonja Blair sound nice (: Good luck finding that perfect name and congratulations to you and your dh!

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    Re: Baby Namers - need some creative names

    Oh yay - I like Beckett too. Here are some others that I think have the same vibe. Corbett, Benson, Hudson, Gideon, and Archer. They sound sporty and cool to me.

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