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Thread: Penelope Combos

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    Re: Penelope Combos

    I like one syllable middle names for Penelope, but that would depend on your last name:

    Penelope Joy
    Penelope Sky
    Penelope Maeve
    Penelope Rose
    Penelope Rae
    Penelope Grey
    Penelope Faith

    I usually like Hope as well, but I don't think it would work in this case with the spellings!

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    Re: Penelope Combos

    Thanks so much for the suggestions!

    Penelope Jane is SO sweet! LOVE it.

    It's redundant, but Penelope Pearl gives me the same feeling as Penelope Jane :)

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    Re: Penelope Combos

    Penelope Jane is adorable. So is Penelope Pearl, but watch out for the initials P.P. Sounds like pee pee. Does it matter? What do you think?
    I also thought of Penelope Willow.

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    Re: Penelope Combos

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