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Thread: Penelope Combos

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    Penelope Combos

    I've fallen in love with the name Penelope, nickname Nell.

    I've been trying to come up with some combos, but none I love.

    So far I've got:

    Penelope Lucia
    Penelope Violet
    Penelope Irina
    Penelope Anna
    Penelope Juliet
    Penelope Blythe

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Penelope Combos

    I'd like to throw Penelope Jane into the mix. I think it's precious.

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    Re: Penelope Combos

    Oh, I like Penelope Iris! I actually had that on my working list at one point but my partner yells 'duck'! every time I bring Penelope up, she's off. I'm tired of 'duck' jokes.

    I had originally had this whole big post for you, but I lost it and since Susan posted, a lot of what I had thought of is on her list. Some other random suggestions:

    Penelope Rosalind
    Penelope Frances
    Penelope Willa
    Penelope May
    Penelope Vianne
    Penelope Diana
    Penelope Alice
    Penelope Susanne
    Penelope Joy
    Penelope Mary
    Penelope Lorraine
    Penelope Tess
    Penelope Esme

    Hope that helps, Good Luck! :)
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    Re: Penelope Combos

    Penelope Violet is really sweet. I also have to give a vote to Penelope Jane–cute and classic.
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