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Thread: boy name help

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    boy name help

    Hi everone - I was just reading the latest blog post on modernizing/adapting family names and I'm wondering if there are any suggestions for the name Patrick. We would like to honor my brother-in-law by using Patrick as the middle name (if we have a boy), but aren't crazy about the actual name. Any suggestions would be great. We're thinking Will for the first name. I would also love to hear any variations on the full name if there are any recommendations there. Thanks so much!

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    Re: boy name help

    The two versions that immediately come to mind are Patric (Latin) and Padrig (Welsh) -- they might fall into the category of so old they are new again. Pat would be the simplest version.

    Or how about Pate or Patterson? They both have the same meaning as Patrick.

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    Re: boy name help

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