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    Sibling name for Eliana

    We named our first child Eliana and love that it's an unusual name with a more familiar nickname (Ellie). As she grows she will have the option of being more distinctive or blending into the crowd depending on her age and personality. We are now pregnant with our second and would like to continue in the same vein for this baby. Ideally, we would like our names to meet the following criteria:

    1. Unusual in its long form, but not too out there.
    2. Common nickname
    3. Spiritual meaning (Eliana means "The Lord has answered")

    We like Matthias (Matt) and Josiah (Joey) for a boy but are still open to suggestions.

    For a girl, we are having a little more trouble. We like a few names but none of them quite fit the bill:

    1. Annalie (Anna or Annie) -- tempted to spell this name Analie to make it a full anagram of Eliana, but that version has the potential to be said in an unflattering way. A little too cutesy for us, but we are considering it.

    2. Arabella -- love this name but have no common nicknames for it.

    3. Amadea -- same as #2, and also might be a little bit *too* unusual.

    Input and/or suggestions welcome!

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    Re: Sibling name for Eliana

    Annaliese nn Anna (more stylish now than Ann/Anne
    Arabella nn Bella
    Mattea nn Mattie
    Kalila nn Lila (Arabic, means beloved, found it on unusual international names for girls list-look up Eliana on "Check Out a Name-blue box on the left of this screen, scroll down to find this list and others that might be helpful)
    Cordelia nn Delia
    Minerva nn Minnie
    Mirabella nn Mira
    Luciana nn Lucy
    Tatiana nn Tati
    Sylvia nn Sylvie
    Veronica or Veronika nn Vera
    Paolina nn Polly or Lena
    Melina nn Lena
    Raffaella nn Raffi
    Paloma nn Lola
    Viveca nn Vivi
    Nicolette nn Coco
    Louisa nn Lulu
    Leonora nn Nora

    Luca nn Luke
    Dashiell nn Dash
    Desmond nn Desi
    Asher nn Ash
    love your boy name choices! I did not look up the meanings of all these names. If you like one of my suggestions, you can check out its meaning using the "check out a name" box. Hope this helps! I like Amadea, but I can't think of a common nickname for it. There's Mandy, but it is kind of dated. I really like the name Amandine. It would be a fun middle name.

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    Re: Sibling name for Eliana

    I have never heard Amadea before, but wow it is a stunning name. I adore it.

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    Re: Sibling name for Eliana

    We must have very similar naming styles!!! I love Eliana, and my son is Josiah. If we have another son, I want his middle name to be Matthias!!!!! Since we seem such similar tastes, I'll throw out a few of my favorites:

    I we have a girl, my current fav. is Naomi (with the 'Na' pronounced 'Nay', not 'Nye' or 'Ni') I think Eliana and Naomi would be cute sisters. I like Omi or Nomi as a nn.

    I also like Amariah - even though in the Bible this was a male name, I think these days it sounds very feminine.

    As for a boy, Josiah wins hands down!!! but you might want to get an unbiased opinion - I have no regrets about calling my baby boy Josiah, and still adore the name.

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    Re: Sibling name for Eliana

    My vote is for the previous poster's Annaliese, nn Anna. I think both full names and nicknames would match very well without being too similar.

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    Re: Sibling name for Eliana

    Eliana is a beautiful name. Even though you plan to use Ellie as a nickname, she may want to be called Ana/Anna. For that reason, I probably would not use a form of Anna for her sister. Arabella could be Bella, Belle or Ara. Amadea could be Maddie or Addie. Both names are uncommon and go well with Eliana. I love both Matthias and Josiah for a boy. Hope this helps.

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