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    Re: Unique-ish Girls and Boys Names

    Quote Originally Posted by babies11
    Here are some suggestions:

    Blythe Helena June - I love this!!
    Helena Morgyn Lake-very lovely!

    Patrick August Henry
    Shepherd Henry August
    Henry Shepherd Nolan
    Peter August Kyle (or Kai)
    Blythe Helena June is really pretty! Blythe is on my personal California Desert Names list. I also really like Helena Morgyn Lake although I would spell it Morgan. Leila Estelle Sage-ravishing, I think I could rack my brain all day and not come up with something that pretty! Of course I love the name Peter-my son's name. I really like Peter with August but I am not partial to Kyle or Kai. Of course if you like those names a lot, don't listen to me! My son Peter's middle name is Sebastian. He only has one middle. I also love Henry.
    Peter Augustus Lionel or Peter Augustus Indio (another California desert name). Peter Augustus Garnet.
    Henry Dashiell Jameson, Henry Forest Jameson.

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    Re: Unique-ish Girls and Boys Names

    I like many of the previous suggestions, although the combination with Patrick and Henry might not be the best choice. (Give me liberty or give me death!) Also, you might want to consider that with Morgan being such a popular name, you would essentially be condemning your little Morgyn to a lifetime of "No, with a y." That's bound to get old. And I very much like Ember-- it seems like that would be to your taste with nature choices like Lake, August, Frost, etc. Maybe you should let it grow on you for a bit. :)

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    Re: Unique-ish Girls and Boys Names

    Thanks for all the suggestions - I have to say... you guys are good! :)

    A few I loved:

    Blythe Helena June or Blaire Helena June (which is better?)
    Helena Morgyn Lake
    Nola Morgyn Lake (one I put together - what do you think?)

    I loved the Dashiell part in the name Henry Dashiell Jameson - not so sure about the Henry part... I mean, I love it, but I just can't visuallize a possible football/soccer player named Henry - maybe it's just me I don't know.

    Kyle is really starting to grow on me, however, it don't really know a way to update it with really unique middle names...

    Also just throwing this out there - what do you think of Damian? Whitney and Damian?
    I just don't know :{

    still struggling with boys names... any other suggestions - feel free to stray from my list.
    Sorry about all the wordiness...
    Thanks again!

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    Re: Unique-ish Girls and Boys Names

    I like Blythe better than Blair because it sounds more old-fashioned, like an old vintage name that's coming back in style. Blair sounds more 1970's to me maybe because of the actress Linda Blair. I don't really like Linda Blair so maybe I am biased.
    Whitney is the name of a very tall mountain in California. Have you thought of naming your baby a mountain place name? There's McKinley, Shasta, Denali, and all kinds of other mountains that have interesting names. Maybe there is a favorite mountain near where you live that has a lovely name. Or is there a forest, lake, etc. that you love?

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