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    Names I will use

    Here are names that I will use when I do have children.

    Girl: Tiffany Elaine Ren J.
    Olivia Alison or Alison Olivia (Alice)

    Ren means water lily or lotus in Japanese.

    Boy: Kenzo Joseph J.

    Kenzo means strong and healthy in Japanese.

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    lola Guest

    Re: Baby girl name...

    Tiffany's a bit dated to the late 80's/early 90's so it's rather a surprise to hear these days. I have to admit, I like Tiffany, and think of it's medieval usage before it's modern one. Elaine is a gorgeous name! To feel more current, I'd probably flip them, Elaine Tiffany.

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    Re: Baby girl name...

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I would have to second the comment from Lola about Tiffany feeling a bit dated. For me, I tend to think of 80's girls in high school - I have a hard time imagining the name transitioning well out of young adulthood, although I'm sure there are many happy adult Tiffanys out there who would disagree with me. I would also flip the order of the names, making Tiffany the middle name instead of the first.

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    Re: Baby girl name....update with boy name

    My niece is named Tiffani (with the dreaded i) and I agree with the others that it just doesn't feel like a name that ages well. To be completely blunt, it falls into a category known locally as "trailer park chic." Kenzo, on the other hand, is close enough to my beloved Enzo that I heartily approve!

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    Re: Baby girl name....update with boy name

    My Aunt Elaine just died, and I really loved her. She was like a second mother to me. So I love the name Elaine so much. Eleni is a pretty name, too. It is the Greek form of Helen. Elaine is the French form of Helen. Eleni is pronounced Ee-LAY-nee, I think. I would consider using Elaine or Eleni as a name for a daughter. Also I love Eleanor. But I don't like Helen as much. Tiffany was popular in my area of the country over twenty or even twenty-five years ago. It was like a shooting star that is no more. There are some names that are stylish now that have a similar feel: Luxe, Ruby, Diamond, Golden, Emerald, Tiana, and Jewel. Of all those names Ruby is the popular one.

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