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    Help with middle name... please!!!

    I am pregnant but we are not finding out what the sex of the baby is. We are set on a boy name (Ethan Douglas or Preston Douglas). As of now, Peyton is our top pick for a girl. We are having trouble with the middle name. Which one do you like best? Feel free to suggest some that you think I may like too :]

    Peyton Ariel
    Peyton Belle
    Peyton Lily
    Peyton Emily
    Peyton Brooke
    Peyton Olivia
    Peyton Madeline

    Thanks girlies!!

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    Re: Help with middle name... please!!!

    Favorites from your list: Peyton Emily, Peyton Olivia

    I also like: Peyton Emilia/Amelia, Peyton Grace, Peyton Annabelle
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: Help with middle name... please!!!

    Thank you for spelling Peyton the easiest way for her! You just made my week! :D

    From your list, I like Peyton Lily & Peyton Olivia best. I think a very girly name is best paired with Peyton.

    Some suggestions:
    Peyton Violet
    Peyton Iris
    Peyton Giselle
    Peyton Gulia (Italian Julia, said the same way)
    Peyton Alice
    Peyton Rosalie
    Peyton Lucy

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Help with middle name... please!!!

    I agree. Lily and Olivia are my favorites. Some other possibilities are Peyton Rose and Peyton Marie.

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