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    Pronunciation question

    How would you pronounce the name Emmeline? I love it, but prefer the 'Em-me-line' pronunciation to 'Em-me-leen' as I've sometimes heard it said. I just worry that if I name my daughter this she have to deal with mispronunciations all her life.

    Also, what mn's would you suggest?

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    lola Guest

    Re: Pronunciation question

    I'm no help, I instinctively say em-eh-LEEN when seeing Emmeline. Might have something to do with having a Josephine, but I'm not certain. I could probably learn Em-eh-LINE if I was introduced to one who said it that way, so you might be able to 'teach' people to say it the way you want.

    It does seem to be split down the middle. Someone posted a poll at BtN two days ago, about the pronunciation,
    Split, right down the middle!

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    Re: Pronunciation question

    My instinct is towards Emme-LINE, like Caroline. So I guess Lola's right-- split down the middle!

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    Re: Pronunciation question

    Em-me-line for me too I'm a New Zealander if that helps may be pronounced diff in diff places

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    Re: Pronunciation question

    I say em-eh-leen, but if someone introduced themselves as em-eh-line, I'd always call them that. she might have some issues, but once she tells someone once, it shouldn't be a problem for them to say it your way!
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    Re: Pronunciation question

    Emmeline is one of my favorite names, and I pronounce it Emma-line, just like in Anne of Green Gables and the Blue Lagoon. (Uh, yeah. The Blue Lagoon. I had a really responsible babysitter who made me watch it with her and her boyfriend when I was a very little girl. My mom was less than thrilled...)

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