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    Re: What name goes with my other children's names?

    My husband brought up the name Blaire if it's a girl - I really love the unisex feel to go
    with Easton and it ends up that Blaire is a family surname. This name is really starting
    to grow on me - what do you think?

    Also, we were thinking about Marley for a girl - another unisex name, or Maisie (but is it pronounced May-cee or May - zee? Also, I think Aspen is a unique, fresh name for a girl, and my husband and I LOVE skiing and have gone to Aspen, Colorado twice. It's also another vowel name to go with Easton.

    We're still floundering around a bit with a cool, unique boys name - what do you think of Grey? I'm really not sure, but my husband loves it. Maybe Greyson would be better??? I don't know.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Re: What name goes with my other children's names?

    I think Blaire could work - the family connection is neat. I really love Marley, I think it is a very sweet name. Umm - I've always pronounced Maisie more like May-zee but Macy might fit with the kind of unisex vibe going on for the girls. I think Greyson could be very cool (but I've recently heard of a couple of babies named Greyson so it might be getting popular - is anybody else hearing a lot of that name?) That said I Grey kind of fits the country casual vibe of your other names. Sounds like you're getting some good ideas!

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    Re: What name goes with my other children's names?

    Marley is cute. I do think of Bob and that new Jennifer Aniston movie, but those aren't enough to blind the fact that it's a cute name.

    Blair is such a great fit! It far outshines the rest here IMO.

    I've only known Maisie to be pron; may-ZEE.

    Grey is, well... Grey. There's so many other 'colourful' names to choose from if you ask me., lol.

    The rhyminess (is that a word) doesn't turn me off the name, it's just that Aspen to me isn't a very pretty sounding name. It's gained some popularity, so obviously some others don't share my same feeling.... Then again it has been around awhile now and not picking up steam, so maybe others do see it the same way as I do? not sure. Really, it's how much you and dh love it.

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    Re: What name goes with my other children's names?

    IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

    Blair Noelle Skye made her debut two weeks early! She was born January 13 at 6:27 in the morning - luckily we had her name picked out!

    She has a head full pitch black curly hair (courtesy of my husband) and she has my blue eyes. Easton, Joe, and Tucker are totally in love!

    Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know and thank you for all your suggestions!

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    Re: What name goes with my other children's names?

    Congratulations! Welcome, Blair Noelle Skye. :D

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