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    Tea is now VETOED!!! thanks for all your replies (:

    I like Tea (tay-UH) because it looks like MIL's name Lea... obvioulsy sounds different though. But, I don't want to use the accent over the 'e'. Is this going to cause pronounciation problems for my little girl?

    Dh also suggested Tehya ("looks a little like Rhys, has the 'y' in it like the other children"... he's a very thurough kinda guy, lol)

    The others we've found are Taya, Teya and Taea... there's probably more. But, we're already passing out of my comfort zone, lol.

    So, all you naming gurus. WGYV???
    1. Rhys, Jocelyn & Tea

    2. Rhys, Jocelyn & Tehya

    3. Rhys, Jocelyn & Taya

    4. Rhys, Jocelyn & Teya

    5. Rhys, Jocelyn & Taea

    **mn Julianna or Ariauna (spelt like this for a very specific reason)

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    You could spell it Tia, but Tia does mean aunt in Spanish. As it is, Tea looks like I'm going to get something hot to drink.
    Do you like Tilly or Tillie, nicknames for Matilda? There's also Tilda.
    How about Talia or Tallie? Talia is a nickname for Natalia and Tallie is a nickname for Natalie. Natalie is very popular, but I love it, especially for a winter baby.
    I also love Tamsin, a feminine version of Thomas.
    You could also use Taya as a nickname for Natalia. Why not?

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    I would use Taya, Teya or Ta to get Tay-ah. The other pronunciations just cause a little bit of confusion - I pronounce Tea as tee like the drink, Tehya as teh-yah (teh like the eh sound in met, pet etc.) and as Taea has 'ae' in it, I see it as the '' diphthong, which just gives me a headache as it's pronounced differently in different languages (off the top of my head I can think of 'ee' in Latin as in encyclopaedia or archaeology, 'ah' as in cat and mat in Old English, and 'I' like in pie and sky in Icelandic/Old Norse - none of these being the 'ay' sound in Ta/tay-uh).

    Julianna is a lovely middle name. Taya Julianna would be my choice.

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    Princess Leia goes with the 'i'-- how about the same for Teia?

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    Thank you! That was great advice. I think I'm going to pass the accent thing across dh again, because I do agree... it looks like the drink.

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    That's actually quite nice, thank you. I'll pass it by Dh.

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    Even though you have some nice alternatives. I'm not really looking to tweek Tea.. or Taya.. or.... lol.... we just want to refine it with a spelling that's going to be easy to use and look good. We do have other names we're still considering. Dd wants the name Alicia (lol, she's 2 but has good taste). It's been in our top3 since my pregnancy with ds (:
    Thanks for your input

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    Then go with Ta. The accent can be found (if you're running Windows) in All programs ---> Accessories ---> Character Map. Use it often enough and it will stay in your Start menu, like it does mine! I think Ta's a lovely choice with Rhys & Jocelyn!

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    My vote would be for Taya. It is a Japanese name meaning young. I also like that it has a y like your other names. Love Julianna for a middle name. Let us know what you decide.

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    Re: Spelling help with Tea....

    I agree with Taya, if the priority is to simplify pronunciation.....though now that I think about it, the popularity of Maya, which everyone knows is pronounced My-ah, might make people say Ty-ah. Sigh (uh). People do know the pronunciation with the accent because of Tea Leoni BUT accents present their own problems. I think the bottom line is that this name, while lovely, is problematic in terms of pronunciation and there's really no sure way around that!
    Pam Redmond

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