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    Help with names-boys and girls

    I'm asking for advice because after I chose my favorite names I found out just how popular they were in 2008-I liked Aiden and Isabella. I would like to choose a less common name for my baby. My name is Jennifer and during my school years there was at least one other Jennifer in all of my classes. I always found it frustrating and don't want my child to have this problem. Any advice or comments are welcome. So are any suggestions for middle names.



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    Re: Help with names-boys and girls

    Ah yes, Aidan and Isabella are a wee bit too popular. Have you considered Hayden as an alternative? I know a guy and a girl with that name, and I think it's lovely for both. On your boy list, I like Odin's originality, but it's unavoidable nn-- Odie-- isn't too great. :/

    From the girls' list, I particuarly like Delilah (nn Lila!), Hazel and Violet. Be advised that all the Belle/Bella names are super-hot right now (Stella, Ella, Anabel, Isabella).

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    Re: Help with names-boys and girls

    I adore Anthony and I think he has a good chance of being the only one in todays age of naming.

    Your girl's name might not be so lucky out of the ones you've chosen, but there's still a chance. I think Hazel will be a short lived name comeback... I'm not sure why I think this, but my gut is usually right. Sounds odd for me to say a classic name is considered 'trendy' now a days, I know. But, hey... I could be off my rocker, lol.

    Chloe is uber popular and there's no real nn potential there for classroom differentiating.**ummm, then again after posting with Laura on here and finding out her nn is Lola (I know, how cool is that) I guess anything is possible!

    I guess ditto for the others. But, Mirabella. As you have proabably seen from my post, I love the name Mira, so that names got 2 pluses from me. 1. not as popular (where I live anyways) 2. nn potential.

    K, I'm done the novel

    HTH a wee bit (really just me blabbing waiting for this prime rib to cook, lol)

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    Re: Help with names-boys and girls

    Odin-my first thought when I read this name was odious, not good.
    Anthony-I like this one
    Elijah-I never know whether to say Eli-jah with a soft j, or Eli-jah with a hard j, confusing
    Carson-too much a surname, I don't like that trend in names of using last names for first names

    Delilah-I like this one a lot
    Mirabella-too long for my taste
    Anastasia-I like this one a lot
    Hazel-too frumpy
    Violet-I like this a lot
    Chloe-way too common

    It's so hard to come up with something unique without it's being odd! Ugh. :-)

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    Re: Help with names-boys and girls

    My picks are Elijah- love nickname Eli
    and Violet or Hazel like Hazelle too

    what about Peony or Austen?
    Or Barnaby or Arthur?

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    Re: Help with names-boys and girls

    Odin - I find it difficult to warm to Odin. The character in Norse Mythology is not always benevolent and just, but tireless in his thirst for knowledge of the details of his destiny at Ragnar?k and willing to abandon his heroes in the heat of battle and selfishly allow their deaths so that they can fight for him at Valhalla. If you want an alternative for Aiden then I recommend Adrian.
    Anthony - quite lovely but also rather popular in the US (#7 in 07) which seems to be something that you are trying to avoid. I recommend Anton as an alternative.
    Elijah - my favourite of your boys list. Solid namesake, fairly recognisable but not cloyingly popular.
    Carson - A surname that is part of the exceedingly trendy 'son' and 'on' trend. Even if there won't be another Carson in the class, there is likely to be another person with a 'son' name.

    Delilah - doesn't have the best namesake in the Biblical character - not a namesake I'd want my child to be associated with. Lila or Kelila may appeal as alternatives.
    Mirabella - I tend to think that names longer than 3 syllables are a little unwieldy - as is Mirabella. Mirabel is simpler and easier. Mira is an adorable nickname.
    Annabelle - this is fine, has some good nicknames though I prefer Anastasia.
    Anastasia - Quite lovely, and flows well through its 5 syllables (much easier than Mirabella).
    Hazel - my favourite - timeless and effortless name, that doesn't really sound like anything else.
    Violet - fine, but getting popular. Reminds me of violent and the French 'viol' or rape. I prefer the Greek Iole or Iolanthe.

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    Re: Help with names-boys and girls

    For your boys I love Elijah (have you considered Nathan/Nathanial, Ezra, Micah, or Isaac?). I like a lot of your girl names too. But I think that (like Isabelle) a lot of the names that end with Belle are getting popular. That said I think Annabelle is too cute. Hazel and Violet are great. Umm what about Sadie, Cassandra, Tatiana or Georgia?

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