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Thread: Pet Names

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    Re: Pet Names

    I'd also love a pet section! I have a 4 month old puppy and I definitley refer to her as my "daughter". My mom carries a picture of me holding her so she can show off her "granddaughter"...she really is part of our family. She's the reason I found this site, too! And now I'm hooked :) Thank you, Kyra :) I'm glad her name is pretty well received here, too :)

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    Re: Pet Names

    I have this great book on pet names. One time years ago, I was looking in it and found the name "Shorty Bob". I told my husband about it. We both love that name so much

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    Re: Pet Names

    we picked Millie and Lulu. but i think we def need a pet section asap!

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    Re: Pet Names

    I'm all about pet names. No children for me, just furkids! A pet name section would be great.

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    Re: Pet Names

    I thought of some nice names for my next pet if it's a girl:
    Imogen nn Immie
    Francine nn Francie
    Beatrix nn Trixie
    Tallulah nn Lulah or Loolie
    Ginger - I am wild about the name Ginger!
    Delores nn Lola
    I don't know which one is my favorite.

    If it's a boy:
    Well, I couldn't name him Dewey because that's my cat Mokie's nn. One of his other nn's is Yaya.
    Crispin after a book about a dog called "The Dog Who Belonged to Himself". NN could be Crispy.
    Crispy or Pompie is my favorite!

    Feel free to steal any of these. I would be so honored!

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