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Thread: Pet Names

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    Pet Names

    Nameberry, would you mind if we had a section for ideas for pet names? I'm thinking that there could be a whole section on Pet Names on the Message Boards. We could help each other think of names for our pets and even sibling pets. After all pets are our babies, too!

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    Re: Pet Names

    I'm up for it!

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    Re: Pet Names

    There's a thread going on in the "Tell Us What You Named Your Baby!" section about pet names. I think we should give it a try and make a whole section for it. I agree with Susan, our pets are our babies too! And also it'd be nice for people who work with animals and have to name them regularly, like me. I work at a place where we sell dalmatians and I have to come up with up to 12 names sometimes for a new litter! So I think it would be really helpful.

    btw I need help with a name for a black and white female dal to go with another female black and white puppy named Millie. Any suggestions welcomed!

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    Re: Pet Names

    Millie and Jillie! That's silly, but it's the first thing I thought of!

    A pet names section would be a lot of fun!
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    Re: Pet Names

    Yep, I'd be up for a pets section!
    Checkers, how about Millie and Daisy? Mille and Molly? Something sweet. But I definitely second the suggestion of Millie and Jillie - sooo cute!
    For the purposes of introducing myself: I don't really have any pets as such, but I have befriended some ducks... I've called them Ophelia and Chairman Mao. Ophelia for no particular reason, and Chairman Mao because he's the sweetest, most benevolent little bird ever and I enjoyed the contrast :)
    When I get a kitten, if she has the right temperament, I'm so calling her Wilhelmina.

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