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Thread: Boy name help!

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    Boy name help!

    We know that we are having a boy and my husband and I are having a hard time agreeing on a name (or even a type of name). My current top five are


    His are


    As you can see, he's partial to Irish names but our last name is two syllables ending in "n" and I think most of his choices don't really go with it. Plus, I'd prefer something a little simpler than a lot of his choices.

    Can you see any compromises here (or any great names we haven't thought of)??

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    Re: Boy name help!

    Boys' Names that sound a little bit or very Irish, Scottish or English and also sound a little classic:
    Clive (English)
    Nicholas nn Colin (Colin is two syllables, is Scottish, and ends in an "n" for your husband. You get the full name Nicholas which is a classic.)
    Connor (Very Irish and two syllables. Does not end in an "n".)
    Patrick (Very Irish, two syllables, doesn't end in "n", is a classic. I love it!)
    William nn Liam (ultra classic name with an Irish nickname.)
    Declan (I know this is one of your husband's choices, and I have to say I love it. Has a cute nickname-Dec.)
    I love all your choices so much, but I would make Gus be the full name August or Augustus or Gustav-but I don't really like Gustav-and call him Gus for short. Likewise I would use Ned as a nickname for Edward or Edmund.
    More Ideas:
    Andrew nn Drew (Andrew-classic, a name used often in Scotland, Drew is a cute nickname.)
    Graham (Scottish, sounds nice, only one syllable.
    Archer nn Archie (Scottish sounding to my ear, doesn't end in "n", two syllables for your husband, Archie is vintage for you. I would use this name if I were having a baby because it is so cute!) Also his full name could be Archibald, but I like Archer better.

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    Re: Boy name help!

    I am partial to first and last names that end in the same letter. I think they sound great. Most names I like are Irish sounding and end in n (like Owen, Kellen, and Brennan) but here are some Irish sounding names that don't:


    I like Declan as well, and second Connor, Andrew, and Patrick. What about just Finn?

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    Re: Boy name help!

    Cormac was the name that popped into my head as a compromise for you two. Cormac's Irish, like Declan, Connor (I prefer Conor, myself) and might suit you with an easy Mac- nickname that feels a bit like Gus. From his list, I really like Conan. O'Brien's done quite a bit to de-barbarianise Conan and I think he's quite dashing, in a Henry/Milo sort of way. Neither name is quite as "now" feeling as Finn, though. And if you're looking for a Finn that's not quite as "Finn" maybe Fintan, Finlay or Phineas might work for you two?

    Also potentially Jasper, Miles (with the nickname Milo?) or Thomas? Thomas in particular is one I can picture on an Irish lad, so it fits the Irish thing he seems to like. It doesn't end in -n, so it doesn't clash with your surname and is classic enough to hold his own with other similar choices on your list: Henry & Oliver. Instead of Gus or Ned, how about August, Angus or Fergus and for Ned, Edward, Edmund or even Edgar possibly?

    Sorry that was so rambling. I hope it helped some!

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    Re: Boy name help!

    What about Angus and call him Gus? Angus is an Irish name but has a nickname that you love. Just a suggestion. Good luck! My second favorite is Ned. . . do you have an Edward in the family?

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    Re: Boy name help!

    My fav is Henry I think it is gorgeous


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    Re: Boy name help!

    I think Oliver Declan sounds lovely.

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    Re: Boy name help!

    I love Declan.

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    Re: Boy name help!

    Henry- getting very common, and to me it's a 1940's farmhand with a piece of straw hanging out of his mouth

    Gus- I don't care for it

    Milo- I really don't care for it

    Ned-too clunky

    Oliver-I like it a lot, it's my grandson's name, Oliver Patrick

    His are

    Declan-sounds too much like decade, not a fan

    Finnian-it's so Irish that it's odd, and I LOVE all things Irish

    Harrison-surname, not a fan of surnames being used as first names

    Conan-......the barbarian.......

    Dermot-sounds like 'darn it'

    I'm sure that's no help at all. We're having our own hard time coming up with names, lol.

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    Re: Boy name help!

    Thanks so much, everyone, for all your help. My husband and I are still not really any nearer to a final solution (which is starting to get a bit worrying, since I'm almost nine months pregnant!). I'm glad that people don't seem to think that the two-syllable ending in "n" thing is an issue. It just sounded so weird to me...."Declan Tyman" (Tyman's our last name). Any more suggestions?? :-)

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