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    Russian Nesting Dolls

    Think of a big Russian wooden nesting doll painted with glowing rich colors. Her veil is scarlet and her dress is mostly plum. She has six smaller dolls inside of her. You twist her open and there is a smaller doll inside and it opens and there is a smaller doll inside of her and so on until you find the last tiny doll that doesn't twist open. You can stand them all in a row from the tallest to the smallest. Name all of the dolls and choose the two main colors of each doll. Then name the little girl who loves to play with them.

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    Re: Russian Nesting Dolls

    1. doll with Purple scarf: Cosima (means universe), red dress
    2. doll with Blue scarf: Indigo (means blue), yellow dress
    3. doll with Orange scarf: Clementine (a kind of tangerine), blue dress
    4. doll with Green scarf: Chloe (green grass), purple dress
    5. doll with Yellow scarf: Olenka (means light-Helen-in Russian), green dress
    6. doll with Red scarf: Scarlett (means red), black dress
    7. doll with White scarf: Bianca (means white), orange dress
    girl who plays with the dolls: Iris (means rainbow), white dress

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    Re: Russian Nesting Dolls

    1. red veil, purple dress-Sasha
    2. purple veil, blue dress-Olivia
    3. blue veil, pink dress-Ashely
    4. pink veil, yellow dress-Kimberley
    5. yellow veil, green dress- April
    6. green veil, white dress- Madison
    7. orange veil, white dress- Julie
    little girl- Amy
    (I tried to think of names a little girl would use)

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    Re: Russian Nesting Dolls

    Galina: Green and Gold
    Anfisa: Rose and Purple
    Serafima: Purple and Turquoise
    Liliya: Turquoise and Green
    Svetlana: Black and Rose
    Yevgeniya: Yellow and Blue
    Karina: Red and White

    Little Girl: Anya

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    Hannah: Purple and blue
    Lily: Pink and Yellow
    Sarah: White and Green
    Maddie: Blue and Orange
    Kate: Purple and Green
    Willa: Pink and Pink
    Jordin: Pink and Pink

    Olivia: Pink and pink

    My sister did this.

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