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    Sister for Anthony and Samantha

    My husband and I cannot agree on a name. Sure, there are a few names we both like, but they've all been vetoed for one reason or another. And we're both so picky. I'm insistent that the name go with our other kids names, Samantha and Anthony, which to me means that the name should...

    * Not be too unusual. Samantha and Anthony are both top 20 names, and picking something really bizarre would make this baby's name stand out. I want it to fit. ( But it shouldn't be too common either, I don't want her to be one of three girls with the same name in her classroom.)
    * Not be anything that could be a boys name. There are plenty of names out there that work just fine for a boy or girl, but Samantha is such a girly name, I think her sister's name should be feminine too.
    * Not sound too much like Samantha or Anthony. Antonia and Savannah are out.
    * Has a nickname. This is weird I know, but both my kids have nicknames... Tony and Sam/Sami. I like names that can have fun, shortened nicknames, or if they grow up and want to be serious, they can go by their full name.

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