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    Blackstone Family:

    One biological son and daughter. Identical twin girls, adopted. Triplets (two identical girls and one boy), adopted.

    DH: Jackson Philip
    DW: Diane Imogen

    DS: Asher Matthew
    DD: Ella Catherine
    DD/DD: Liliana Trinity / Skyler Faith
    DD/DD/DS : Rose Vivian / Raegan Jade / Nolan Zachary


    Robbins Family:

    Mother's name starts with C; Father's name starts with A. Four boys and four girls (in perfect boy-girl alternation). All boys' names start with C; all girls' names start with A.

    Mom: Chelsea
    Dad: Andrew

    DS: Cooper Ashton
    DD: Alivia Cadance
    DS: Callum Asher
    DD: Aubrey Cate
    DS: Camden Alexander
    DD: Ariella Camille
    DS: Collin Andrew
    DD: Ariana Callie

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    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    B family:

    DH: Jude Peter
    DW: Daria Ingrid

    DS: Asher Marius
    DD: Eloise Calisto
    DD/DD: Lunoe True and Sawyer Fenella
    DD/DD/DS: Rani Violet, Reverie Joss "Revi" and Noah Zeppelin

    R family:

    DW: Claudia Jane
    DH: Avery Edward

    DS: Crusoe James "Cru"
    DD: Astrid Georgia
    DS: Callahan Wolf
    DD: Anneke Willow "Annie"
    DS: Cyrus Ledger
    DD: Alba Shalom
    DS: Cassian Isaac
    DD: Aurelia Joy "Aurea"

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    I actually knew these families growing up. For the B. family, I only know their first initials, so I randomly assigned middle initials (so if you really hate one of the middle initials, you may change it). For the R. family, you can choose your own middle names. You can also give them a last name to go with their respective last initials if you want.

    Do one, or both, or do one now and the other one later!


    Blake Family:

    DH: Jerome Paul
    DW: Dorothea Ivy

    DS: August Miles
    DD: Eliza Claire
    DD/DD: Leora Tess / Sylvia Fleur
    DD/DD/DS : Ramona Vianne/ Rhiannon June / Neville Zion


    Ranald Family:

    DH: Alistair Craig
    DW: Colette Marie

    DS: Callum Alasdair
    DD: Ailsa Blair
    DS: Conall Christie
    DD: Aulay Donella
    DS: Cailean Ellar
    DD: Ainsley Fiona
    DS: Carbry Gordon
    DD: Arran Isobel

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    B Family: Baker

    DH: Jacob Prescott
    DW: Delilah Ivy

    DS: Adam Malcolm
    DD: Eliza Charlotte
    DD/DD: Leah Theodora & Sanne Frederica
    DD/DD/DS : Rachel Vivienne, Rhiannon Jane & Nicholas Zane


    R Family: Richardson

    DH: Antony
    DW: Cordelia

    DS: Conall
    DD: Alice
    DS: Christian
    DD: Alexia
    DS: Conan
    DD: Arianwen
    DS: Callum
    DD: Ada
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