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    sibling name for Jonah

    We don-t know the gender yet, but does anyone have any good ideas for a sibling to Jonah?

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    Re: sibling name for Jonah

    i like:

    jonah & jasper
    jonah & julius
    jonah & milo
    jonah & gideon
    jonah & gabriel
    jonah & oscar
    jonah & felix
    jonah & henry
    jonah & fionn

    jonah & leah
    jonah & hannah
    jonah & rebecca
    jonah & talia
    jonah & lilia
    jonah & lila
    jonah & nora
    jonah & tabitha
    jonah & juliet

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    Re: sibling name for Jonah

    With Jonah I love Micah, Hosea, Tobias nn Toby, Isaiah, Isaac, and Noah for boys. For girls I love Jonah with Dinah, Jessamyn, Iris, Hannah (very popular), Lily, Adrienne nn Addie, and Lydia. All of my selections for boys' names are Hebrew like Jonah. But the only Hebrew girls' selections off the top of my head are Dinah and Hannah. There are some other Hebrew girls' names that I really like-Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Abigail-but they have all been really popular. Hannah is overdone ,too, but it is so wonderful that I always think of it. Lydia and Iris are Greek, Adrienne is Latin, Lily is from the English Lilian, and Jessamyn is French. I just like the sounds of the girls' names mixed with Jonah. Oh, and I also love Penelope nn Nell or Penny (Greek) with Jonah! Nora and Jonah sound great! Just looked carefully at the post above.

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