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    Names that are related to "Mary"?

    In order to honor a relative named Mary, we are thinking of names that are related to Mary (or even to the Virgin Mary, since this relative is very Catholic). We don't want to use Mary or Marie. We are thinking of using this as a middle name, not a first name, so I feel a little bit more free to be creative. Here is what we've come up with so far. Any other suggestions?

    1. Maire
    2. Maria
    3. Pilar
    4. Lourdes

    That's all I've got. Help!

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    Re: Names that are related to "Mary"?

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    Re: Names that are related to "Mary"?

    Mary is such a lovely name. Can't wait for it to get more popular again. Some names that are like it are: Molly, Mere, Meryl, Marisa, Mariel, Meredith, Marin, Mamie, Miriam, Miri, Mira, Mirabelle, Mirabella, and I'm sure there are many more. I really like Mary Rose.

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    Re: Names that are related to "Mary"?

    goodness, unoriginal gave you quite the list!
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    Re: Names that are related to "Mary"?

    I like Mary by itself actually, but Maria is so pretty too.

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