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    Re: Sister for Rebecca

    Thank you all for your advice. The name I cannot get out of my head is Susanna, so I was very happy to read the first post! It's strange, because before this pregnancy it was never a name I thought about much, but now I just can't get it our of my head. Once in a while I think of Julia, but I always come back to Susanna. It just seems like her name.

    I like the way it has the same # of letters and syllables as Rebecca. Also, both names are consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel-double consonant-"a". Both have Hebrew and biblical roots, and both were used in the days of the puritan settlers in New England. Neither are super popular, but neither are unheard of.

    My only concern: are they too matchy-matchy? And since Rebecca is more of a common name, with Susanna a little more of an unusual choice, would that influence their personalities at all?

    And what about the song "Oh Susanna"?

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    Re: Sister for Rebecca

    oh i'm so glad Susanna is your favorite! Addressing your concerns, I don't think they're too matchy-matchy at all. And I HATE matching names. Sure, they have the same pattern, but the sounds are so different that it doesn't sound matchy to me (I'd be more concerned about Rebecca and Veronica, personally).

    As for Rebecca being more common, I wouldn't worry about it. It's not like Susanna is an exotic name, it doesn't sound uncommon. I actually just looked it up on the SSA list and was shocked to see it hasn't been in the top 1000 since '97. It certainly sounds more common than it is.
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    Re: Sister for Rebecca

    I love Rebecca and Susanna!

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    Re: Sister for Rebecca

    I like Rebecca and Susanna together. To me they sound related enough to be a really good pairing, but far from the matchy territory.

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