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    perilous gender-bending

    The gender issue surrounding two of my favorite girl names are pretty contentious on other baby name sites. How do the name berries feel about these?


    How about as nicknames of more feminine names: Nicola, Lucinda? Of course, Nicola was originally masculine...

    I'm also a little concerned about popularity spikes; possibly hipster popularity spikes. Can't have them suffer the mortification of being one of several tiny Nicos at the music fest, art opening, or Mommy-and-Me yoga class, now can I?

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    Re: perilous gender-bending

    hmm, I consider both of those to be 100% boy. However, I guess these days nearly every boys name can be used for a girl. Personally I wouldn't use either of those as a full girl's name, but I can see them working as nicknames for more feminine names.
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    Re: perilous gender-bending

    I would assume both of those names are boy names, also.

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    It would kind of hard for me to picture Luca/Luka as a girl, but I think Nico/Niko would totally work! Plus, if you give it the K spelling I think you'll be able to avoid the hipster popularity spikes.

    Hope it helps!
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    They're all boy to me. I think they would be fine as a nickname for a feminine name.
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    I would assume that both are boys, but I don’t think that means you can’t use them for a girl. A longer, more feminine formal name is a great way to go. Nicole, Danica, Veronica, or Nicolette could work for Nico if you want something strictly feminine.
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    Well I don't care if girl or boy I think Luca and Nico are both very ugly names! I'm sorry that I'm being so blunt but they have been on my hate list for years.
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    I like Niko for Nikola or Veronika.
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    I have known both female and male Luca's and Niko's. Niko is more of a boy name to me, but Luca is true gender neutral in my mind.
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    Luca to me is a boys name however I have come across it on a girl and I do like it, I think its cute and spunky.

    I would've considered Nico as boys name but since a TV show I watch introduced a female character with the name I can see it on both.

    I prefer Luca on both!
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