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    Sibling for Gabriella?

    My daughters name is Gabriella... what would some girl and boy names that would go really well with her name?

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    Re: Sibling for Gabriella?

    girls: Angelica, Angelina (Lena), Raffaella (Raffi), Celestine (Celia-why not? I'm pretty flexible with nicknames since the name Rory was short for Lorelei on the Gilmore Girls), Lilliana (Lily), Mariana, Natalia (Tally, Talia), Tatiana (Tati), Beatrice, Isadora, Paulina (Lena).
    boys: Dante, Leonardo (Leo), Sebastian (Seb, Bas, Bastien), Sergio, Gianni, Lorenzo (Enzo), Matteo, Paolo, Bruno (my daughter's friend's little brother is named Bruno and I think it is such a cute and different name! It is liable to end up being a hipster name, but that doesn't really matter unless you live in Manhattan or West L.A.) I could probably come up with a lot more names that would go with Gabriella. Let me know if you want some more ideas.

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