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    Bronx Mowgli: Have they gone too far?

    Do you think the name Bronx Mowgli is a bid for attention or a name Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz genuinely like? Or maybe they genuinely like attention?
    Pam Satran

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    Re: Bronx Mowgli: Have they gone too far?

    Far too far, but they're only young and famous.

    Perhaps in their rarified LA world this works. But it doesn't work for anyone who lives/lived in NYC. Neither would Brooklyn.

    Interesting how the outer boroughs are getting all the name action. I guess they could name their next one Queens, Astoria, Bensonhurst or Staten. Or go all the way out to Montauk, Nassua, Suffolk or Jones.

    I'd have preferred using family names, ex.: Joseph Peter Wentz. But I am a traditionalist. And over 34. And not famous.

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    Re: Bronx Mowgli: Have they gone too far?

    i honestly think this is by far the worst starbaby name ever. everything about it is absurd. keep in mind, this is coming from the girl who loves Moxie Crimefighter. It's just all bad. I've never been to the Bronx, but as far as I know it's not exactly a desirable neighborhood. Mowgli is a boy raised by animals, come on. Bronx Wentz is extremely difficult to say, i can't imagine how hard that will be for him until he's about 8. And the initials are B.M.W., how stupid. I wonder what Jessica thinks of this name, I'll bet she's embarrassed.
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    Re: Bronx Mowgli: Have they gone too far?

    I get what they were trying to do...the name is quirky and original. Bronx by itself is not so bad. But Mowgli?? as far as I know it has no other meaning besides the jungle book boy and thats kinda dumb. And Bronx Wentz has an awful flow to it.

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    Re: Bronx Mowgli: Have they gone too far?

    Terrible name for several reasons:

    Bronx - extremely bad neighborhood. you could even call it a ghetto. so why would you name your child after such a place? I never got Brooklyn either.

    Mowgli - weird looking name that was used in literature (at least one good thing) but apparently means "frog". Looks ugly written down, sounds weird and cutesy.

    combo: terrible. Bronx and Mowgli don't go together at all. The initials are BMW. and BRONX WENTZ? come on that just sounds silly.

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