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    Re: Some of the meanings are wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by erzulie33
    Hi there. Love your site! One quick note...

    Regarding the name SHOSHANA/SHOSHANAH: your site lists its meaning as "lily." This was the ancient Hebrew usage, but in modern Hebrew, Shoshanah means "rose." I'm 99% sure on this one, but any Israelis out there feel free to correct me.
    Here is one Israeli to back you up on this! Shoshana, indeed, means wild rose.

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    Re: Some of the meanings are wrong

    God, I know this entry was made a long time ago, but I'm so happy to see that somebody said how unused and even ridiculous Gretchen sounds in Germany. The same goes for Hans by the way. Well, not exactly the same, there are a lot of people named Hans, but I have never met one that is now under the age of 50. I just wanted to mention that since I remember somebody writing at some point about her neighbors naming their children Gretchen and Hans because of their German ancestry.
    Also, for my own name Annika the entry mentions Pippi Longstocking, but it still says that it's an Russian variation of Ann(a). All sources I know of consider it (also) a Swedish variation of that name.

    By the way: I love your page very much, not only because it gives me an inside into American name taste but also because it feels so international here and people are always so polite in their comments.

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    Re: Some of the meanings are wrong

    Annika is Swedish!

    Also, Lukas is a top 10 name in many more countries than Germany. (Sweden for instance.) The spelling, Lukas, is the traditional Scandinavian spelling.

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    Re: Some of the meanings are wrong

    The list of Hungarian names is a big, bad joke. There are lots of misspellings and old fashioned nicknames. If you want to know more about REAL Hungarian names, visit this site (the home page of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

    Click 'férfinevek' (male names)

    or 'n?i nevek' (female names)


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    Re: Some of the meanings are wrong

    After Heidi Klum anouncing her fourth child's name "Lou" I#Ve read several comments about that being a usual, fashinable name in Germany. Now I saw that it even says so on the "Lou"-page of nameberry. This is just not true. Lou is not even in the Top 500, so it's definetly not fashionable. Even as a nickname it is not popular, at least in my opinion. I have never met a girl named or called Lou. It probably wouldn't even be allowed here as a stand-alone-name without a distinctive femine middle name.

    Also: It is true that Leni is a traditional nickname for Helene in Germany. In the generation of Heidi Klum's grandmother. As a full name it did not appear in any statistic since the 1920s (contrary to Lena which has become quite a classic). That changed in 2005 when Leni became one of the most popular and fastest rising names in Germany - and I guess eveeryone gets the reason :)

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