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    Two Italian names not in the database:
    Salvatrice - Feminine form of Salvatore
    Saveria - Feminine form of Saverio/Xavier

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    French names Soizic (britany name derived I believe from Françoise, and is a girl's name) and Louison (works for boy or girl) and the follinw boy names : Lubin, Orsu (Corsican name meaning bear), Loup (french name that literally means "wolf" and is often hyphenated with another name like "Jean-Loup"), Titouan, and an old medieval name: Bohemond
    But other than that, Nameberry is incredibly rich and I've found most typical french names here
    Favorite girl names:
    Anouk Saoirse or Saoirse Anouk,
    Eleanor Isla,
    Naomi Saskia

    GP: Arya, Bellatrix, Eulalie, Louise-Augustine "Louisa", Mylene, Tallulah, Tigerlily, Vanellope.

    Favorite boy names:
    James Wolfgang,
    Elijah Ralph or Ralph Elijah,
    Liam Ezekiel

    GP: Wolf, Mordecai, Orsu (Corsican name), Albus, Sirius, Huckleberry, Byron, Beowulf.

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    My son's name is Kaslo, and it's no where to be found.

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    These are great! Thank you so much everyone for such wonderful suggestions. I’m about to do a mass addition of many of these to the database, so please keep them coming!
    ♀ J. M. (2015)
    ♂ K. V. (2017)
    ♀ A. H. (2019)

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    Wonderful @katinka!

    Pleasantine (f) - Not sure of the origin, but Pleasantine Mill is a noted cell biologist.

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    Lysias (m) is the name of a famous Ancient Greek logographer.

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    I recently discovered Sylvi, a variant of Solveig
    TTC late 2019

    Éowyn Léonie ~ Priya Aveline
    Sylvie Morwenna ~ Freya Beatrix
    Elinor Celestia ~ Octavia Maeve

    Emrys Bjørn ~ Søren Alasdair ~ Arthur Rainier
    ~ Cassian Anders ~ Hugo Aneirin

    ~ Just for Fun GPs ~

    Sereia Ondine ~ Una Ghislaine ~ Siofra Melusine ~ Cordelia Nightingale ~ Lunara Melisande ~ Fae Cyrena

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    Arion is a Greek, male name. Arion is a mythological figure who is the twin brother to his sister, Despoina. Arion is also a horse and is pronounced air-ee-on.

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    Loredana. It seems to be an invented name, created by the author George Sand for her novel Mattea. Commonly used in Italy and Romania.
    Felicity Ceridwen, Ingrid Erin, Eleanor Maeve.
    Nathaniel Leif, Alasdair Jonathan, Arthur Rowan.
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    New Zealand
    It's nice to know these names are being looked at and added to the database! I have a Maori name that might be of interest;

    Roimata [f] [meaning; teardrop] [notability; name of a song by Beau Monga, Roimata Fox [NZ actress], name of shape greenstone is often carved into and worn as a necklace, character on NZ's soap-opera Shortland Street played by Shavaughn Ruakere, the title of a 1989 television play directed by NZ director E Tipu e Rea]

    Some other Maori names include;
    Awhina [f] [meaning; help, support]
    Mere [f] [meaning; Maori form of Mary]
    Tamati [m] [meaning; Maori form of Thomas]
    Heimoana [f] [meaning; from the water, I also believe it's used in Tahiti for boys though it means crown of the ocean there]
    Timoti [m] [meaning; Maori form of Timothy]
    Tipene [m] [meaning; Maori form of Stephen] [already on Nameberry but missing the Maori origin and Stephen connection]
    Whetu [f] [meaning; star]
    Whetumoana [f] [meaning; star of the sea, the title of a Maori poem, also used to reference Mary, Mother of Jesus]
    Kauri [m] [meaning; a name taken from a type of native tree found in New Zealand]
    Kaui [f] [meaning; generally used as a more feminine form of Kauri, in Hawaiian it means "youthful"]
    Anaru [m] [meaning; Maori form of Andrew]

    If you need pronunciations, I'm more than happy to supply them.
    Alannah and James.

    ♀ Delilah Elizabeth Rue

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    Caspian | Remus | Arthur | Elijah | Beckett | Claude | Vaughn | Atticus | Gideon | Edward | Rhett | Jasper
    Lucien | Alexander | Hugo | Emmett | Louis | Nathaniel | Ezra | Cassander | Henry | Sebastian | Emrys

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