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    Re: What names have we missed?

    My neighbor (f) is named Ayako (eye-AH-ko), and I believe that is Japanese. I haven't had a chance to ask her what her name means.

    I also have an Indian friend named Amrit (m). Pronounce Am-reet.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Joule is pronounced Jewel. My friend says thats what she wants to name her baby.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    I love the name Rence for a boy. I know a boy named Rence, and I believe they derived it from Lawrence. It might just be a nick name but I think it's handsome and a great way to honor an uncle or ancestor named Lawrence.

    Also, a girls' name I find appealing is Kismine. It is the name of a character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "The diamond as big as the Ritz." In the story, she is a sister to Jasmine, so I would imagine it's pronounced "Kis-min".

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Merinda, its aboriginal for beautiful, i simply adore this name! I dont think there are any aboriginal names listed on nameberry, here are a couple

    Niley- Shell
    Satine- Beautiful
    Kiora- Hello
    Merinda- Beautiful
    Arika- Water Lily
    Camira- Wind
    Kari- Smoke
    Kiah- From a beautiful place
    Kolet- Dove
    Kora- Friend

    Balun- River
    Burnum- Great Warrior
    Darel- Blue Sky
    Narrah- The sea

    just a few:)

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    I thought I posted this but I guess I never did!..
    my friend in school was Prosefhe. It is Greek and pronounced

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