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    Eilonwy doesn't show in my researches!

    Also, when searching for Portuguese names, there are somethings I'd like to point out:

    João - It's our version of John, and, along with José, the most popular name in both Brazil and Portugal since forever. Yet, it is not listed.

    Conrao - I believe it's a mispelling. Conrado is the right one. I've never heard of Conrao.
    Benjaminho - That's just wrong. The portuguese version is Benjamim. The final "inho" is just gramatically wrong and unheard of.
    Laurencho, Julha and Junha - Just no. These might be the medieval Portuguese form of this names, but today, they're just gramatically wrong. Laurenço, Julia and Junia would be the proper forms.
    Laocadia - Should be Leocadia. Laocadia is unheard of.
    Paoletta, Ramón, Necho and Olivieros - I believe these are legitimate names. But not of portuguese origin. Probably italian and spanish.

    The list of portuguese names is made of very antique and arcaic names, most of which are not in use today.

    I offer myself to make a more accurate list of portuguese names, their meanings and usage.
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    Caroline. 23 year old from Brazil.

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    Ismeria and Clarimond are two that Elea on British Baby Names has covered that aren't on NB

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    Tava comes up when you Google "Tava name" and it's just so beautiful
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    Isambard- Derived from the Old German name Isambert meaning "glittering iron" or "iron giant". Best known as the name of British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who built the Great Western Railway, which is still in use today, several docks and a series of the first transatlantic steam-powered ships in the 19th Century.
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    I know a lil girl named feriyal. I'm not sure if it is legit or not?

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