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    I know there are more pressing issues with NB at the moment, but I hope this thread still gets checked every once in a while!

    I have loads I could add, but the one I've been most surprised at not being in the database is Aled, which bethlow mentioned pages back. It was once at #312 in the E&W stats, it is still in the top 1000 and was in the Welsh top 100 for a while. It's a name most people would know over here as I'd say Aled Jones is a fairly well known bloke

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    Yeah, I really hope some Turkish and Farsi names get added... there are very, very few. Two I'm stunned aren't in here: Mavi and Levent, both Turkish boys names.

    P.S. Your also missing Evren, a common male Turkish name.
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    Kanoa and Keoni are two Hawaiian names for boys. Kanoa can be used for girls, but I believe it is mostly used for boys.

    And a more outlandish Hawaiian name... Lili'oukalani. (Lee-lee-ooo-kuh-lah-nee) I know, I know...but I think its stunning. A little history, it was the name of the last monarch of Hawaii, and the only queen that ever reigned.

    Also, Ka'iulani. (Kuh-ee-ooo-lah-nee). Search her on google and find her full name! (Haha have fun pronouncing that!) She was the princess Hawaii and the heir to the thrown.

    These are technically their middle names, but it was they were called.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cilesuns92 View Post
    I think Vanderlyle is a completely made up name by Matt Berninger, the frontman of the band The National, but it just sounds awesome. There's Vander, and there's Lyle, so maybe it could be a variation for them.

    Adua is an old-school iItalian name, used especially when we used to conquer other places. I also heard Olanda, but the entry is bare. I believe that it's basically a misspell for Iolanda, but it is also the translation of Holland in Italian. Another Italian oldie is indeed Isolina, which is not featured as sraexx suggested.
    Yes, thank you! My daughters name is Isolina and I get crap for it constantly so it is my mission in life to get it listed on name boards. I don't know what I have to do to get them to include it. I have emailed and even received confirmation that they would add it but that was ages ago. I <3 The National, btw.

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    I've been meaning to post that I was surprised you haven't added Finnick, from the Hunger Games. This seems like a completely usable name, and, considering the symbolism behind a lot of the names from the series, I'd think there was some history behind it.
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