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    I think that you might have misspelt "Vincenzo" in your database. I saw "Vincenzio" and "Vicenzo", the latter which I have not ever seen used.

    Vincenzo is a very traditional name used in Italy. Root is sam as Vincent. Nicknames that I have seen used for Vincenzo are:
    Vi (VEE); Vinny; Cenzi (CHIN zee); and Enzo

    BTW, according to my husband who wears this name, "Renzo" is the traditional nn for Lorenzo. "Enzo" is the traditional nn for Vincenzo. A Lorenzo with the nn " Enzo" would be very weird.

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    More Italian boy names

    I just created a list of Italian boy names that could easily be used in Italy now, and a few of them were not linking to the name entries. I also saw a Nameberry Italian Name list and noticed that a few were missing from it: (let me know if you need pronunciations on any)

    Davide (very popular in Italy)
    Piergiorgio (Pier + another name is very common)
    Nicola (Nicola is actually a unisex name in Italy more commonly used for boys with the nn Nico)
    Xaviero (I have heard of someone using this name on a young child. Not sure how long it has been used there)
    Rocco (considered almost too cool to use right now in Italy bc there is a very famous porn star named Rocco)

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    Javad is not in your database. It is an Arabic name meaning 'liberal, forgiver'.... It also happens to be the middle name of One Direction singer Zayn Javad Malik.

    You're also missing the girls names Sholeh, Samaneh, Somayeh, and Soheila...
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    Tiziana is a name that I have heard of a couple of time in Italy. I think it is a really pretty name! One Tiziana said that her name was not that uncommon, but it was an old fashioned name (unlike Giulia, Sofia and Martina- which are the most popular now there).

    It apparently is from an old roman name Titianus or from the Tizia family.

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    I just noticed that a bunch of Icelandic names I found in books are missing. For boys, Petúr is the variant of Peter (and it is also missing from the list of Peter's international variants), Bjartur even though I have no idea where it comes from (maybe Arthur?), and Erlendur which means foreigner (Erlend is also the first name of one of the singers of the Norwegian band Kings of Convenience). For girls, Sóllilja which means sun lily in translation, and is the middle name of the daughter of the protagonist of Independent People, a book by Halldór Laxness. Speaking of well-known Icelandinc personalities, Jónsi is the frontman of the band Sigur Rós; I think it is a variant of John, but I'm not so sure.

    Also, I second everything finuneby has said about Italian names. We also have Pierluigi in the Pier+something family, and Tiziano -like the painter- is not uncommon either, just like Tiziana.
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    The National's Names List

    Peculiar Italian Names for Girls

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