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    I type this in vain as I don't think the entries will ever be ammended. But perhaps this will show up on a search some day and put someone on the right track:

    I notice 'Rumo' is included on the (small) list of Cornish names, apparently meaning 'red' in Cornish. This is just a rumour Rudh is red in Cornish and I checked my Cornish dictionary as well- no Rumo there. And Mirren too has no place. Tis an Irish name. Merryn is the Cornish one.

    There are, however, many legit Cornish names with a lot of use that aren't included at all

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    My aunt did research on our family history and found the name Adrik. I've always liked it, but it's not listed. I've found very little information on it, only that it is a form of Adrian.
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    One omission I'd really like to see added is Kalai. A friend of my mother's named her daughter this, and it technically is a girl's name, but I personally think it has unisex potential - I can see it working on a boy as well. All these years I've thought it was Hawaiian in origin, but it's apparently Hindu.

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    Not sure its been mentioned, but I'd like to see Orianthi on here.

    It's greek and means Beautiful flower (derives from Ωραίος Ανθός (oreos anthos) which means beautiful flower).

    Name of Greek-Australian singer Orianthi Penny Panagaris.

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    Tycho - Tycho Brahe? It's not like he was a piddly nobody in the world of astronomy or anything. Plus, it's being used: it's ranked #151 in the Netherlands (according to 2011 data)

    Cassander - masculine form of Cassandra, name of a king of Macedon, and generally awesome

    Gratian - name of a saint and a Roman emperor. Plus, with the option to use the stylish nickname "Gray," it's a nice alternative to the tiresome Grayson/Greyson/Graydon/Greydon

    Europa (+ several other Eu- girls' names! I'll give special mention to Eudoxia, since I'm digging it right now) - it's the name of a moon! all moons should have pages

    Svea - Swedes are into it (ranked #78 in 2011), and it's been in use for at least a few centuries.

    Runa - Feminine form of Rune
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