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    What names have we missed?

    Encountered any names that are not in nameberry? Names from your own culture we haven't discovered here? Let us know! We'd love to add them to our database.
    Pam Satran

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    Macushla from Ireland
    Psalm 23

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    There's Agnelo/Agnello, which is the masculine variant of Agnes, and means "lamb". It's a familial name for me, and I know quite a few from back home. I belive it is of Italian descent. Pronounced [əgnɛlo]/[ɛgnɛlo]/[ægnɛlo]/[ɑ:gnɛlo] depending on where you come from.

    There's also Savio, whose origins and meaning I am unaware of, but know quite a few of them. Pronounced [sɑvjo]/[sævjo].

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    The name of a famous Celtic princess. One of my favorite middle name and character name possibilities.

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    I have a friend named Caribay. She says its the name of an Venezuelan Indian princess from a regional myth.
    I googled it and found this.

    I think the correct pronunciation is something like... kah-ree-by...with a Spanish accent...
    But we just say care-ih-by.
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