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  • I support the idea of notifications for tagging and quoting

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  • I support the idea of beng able to give +1s on posts

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    ideas for forum improvement - do you agree?

    I had some ideas for improving the forums and didn't want to post multiple threads.

    1. Notify posters when they're tagged or quoted.

    So, if someone tagged me - "@morning_glory" - or quoted one of my posts in replying to it, I'd get a notification. This would make suggeston threads etc. so much more interesting - currently I have to check for any feedback by finding and returning to the original thread, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

    2. Introduce a +1 system, like on The Student Room.

    There, if you think someone has made a particularly good/funny/relevant contribution, you can give it a 'thumbs-up' - this is displayed on the post, showing how many people have "repped" (=given reputation points to) it, pretty similar to the Facebook 'like'.

    This would be even better if users could 'accumulate' such 'approval points', meaning that it would be easier to identify regular, well-established, and helpful posters than simply checking to see whether they're a senior/normal/junior member.

    What do people think?
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    I completely agree!
    I literally have to keep tabs open for even 2 days and keep reloading thhem to see if I've got a reply to a post
    And the +1 system is quite nice, sometimes posters spend a lot of time and research on their reply and get no credit for their hard work, this could change that
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