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    Mircea (Romanian M)

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    I'm not finding the boy's Irish name Cearney.

    I have a son named Zephan, a short form of Zephaniah; it would be nice to see this listed in the variations.

    Also you have Pierce entered with the meaning "son of Piers," though every other source claims it is a form of Peter?

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    One of my new found favorites via a woman at the senior care center I work for. Her name is Azelle and I just love that name so here is what I can tell you about it.

    Azelle is a girls name. It comes from the Hebrew name Azel. It means noble. A website for biblical baby names says it is pronounced aw-zale but the woman I know named Azelle pronounces it like Hazel only without the "H" sound.

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    I don't know if this is the right place to post but I heard a name on a film the other day and searched for it here but to my surprise it wasn't on here...

    I really love it but I fear my hubby will never go for it but would love to share it, It's Pietari (a Finnish version of Peter) see here

    I really love it if you could add it to the site for others to enjoy. It does sound fairly foreign but it really grew on me. The film, for those who are intrigued, was Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (really not a Christmas movie lol so don't be fooled!)

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    Mio is one of my favourite Japanese girls names.

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