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    Hi, I just wanted you to add MAIJA - a variation of the more common 'Maya, Maia or Mya'.....Its is the Finnish spelling and is beautiful and unusual.

    I also wanted to ask you to add another Finnish spelling of a name you already have....ALIINA instead of Alina. Very exotic, it is my sister's name.


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    I went to graduate school with a girl named Keska which is not in your database.
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    Aristide (French, Italian) form of Aristides (Greek) means "the best" (Aristos)
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    SNEHA. Its Hindu and means friendly. Its pr. Snay-hah.

    Jayna, a variant of Jayne

    I also haven't seen Emilyssa, which is a variant of Emily/ Alyssa, and is pr. Em-mel- lee-sa
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    i don't have any names but can i request more pronunciations on names, i am noticing people pronouncing names differently. And lets face it some people look at a name and pronounce it wrong right off the bat. just something i came across (been in that situation) thanks best site ever
    i second this!

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