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    Xochitl, one of my favorites. It's an Nahuatl(Aztec) unisex name used most often for girls because it means flower. It used to be used mainly on boys, however. It's pronounced SOH-chee.

    I love Aztec names, haha. They're so unusual and have beautiful meanings.
    I am a firm believer in Arithmancy. I always take it into account when choosing names.
    Current Favorites:
    Seraphine Ariadne Vida (Sera) & Emmeline Imogen Kimmell (Elle)
    Antoinette Genevieve Shirlene (Anne) & Juliette Ophelie Philippa (Jett)

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    Not sure if this would count, but I know a little boy named Freestone and that isn't on nameberry.
    Boys top 5: Ryker*Asher*Clayton*Luca*Theodore
    Girls top 5: Elodie*Cosette*Beatrix*Genevieve*Imogen

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    I have a cousin named Gressa. She claims that its Greek, meaning 'grace'.
    But I looked it up, and the more common spelling seems to be Gresa. And all I can find is that its Norwegian for 'grass'. Or its also a variant of an Albanian name. So I have yet to validate her story.
    Also, I have no idea how those versions of the name are pronounced, but my cousin says it greh-sah.

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    Allifair. She was one of the McCoy daughters in the Hatfield McCoy feud.

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    Merav - a Hebrew name used in Israel

    Svea - a Swedish name

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