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    Katayoon/Katayoun (F, Persian?)

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    Ingvarda-my husband's favorite aunt is named Eleanor Ingvarda but she goes by Varda. It's Norwegian :-)

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    I thought I noted this already, but I guess not (at least not in this thread)...

    You have an entry for Yuri as a Russian male name, but entering the address for girl Yuri redirects to that page, and it shouldn't. Yuri is a Japanese female name meaning "lily".

    Amaya is presumably mainly used by people who don't know it's Japanese (and presumably said the Basque way, which I doubt is the same as the Japanese way). Unless I'm missing something, that leaves Yuri the fourth-commonest Japanese name used on girls in the US, behind Sayuri (#3, which you also don't have an entry for), Sakura (#2) and the unisex Akira (#1). Actually, it's the fourth-commonest Japanese name in the US, period. No Japanese name is as common on boys.
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    Leotie (American Indian: flower of the prairie)

    Daenery (literature name: A Song of Ice and Fire)

    Renly (literature name: A Song of Ice and Fire)

    Tinder (word name)


    Acer (Latin: unity)

    Banaj (Hindu: Lotus)

    Starratt (Scottish: bridge over bogs)

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    Devrim- turkish for revolution (and my absolute favorite!) pronounced dev-rim
    Cabhan- irish for grassy hill or hollow pronounced cav-an.
    freyja madailein. mallaidh kerensa. caoimhe adalie. noemie cassia. ariella rhedyn.

    atreju eliezer. devrim judas. cabhan ezra. asa lachlan. aneirin ____. saoirse ____.

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