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    Re: What names have we missed?

    A female entry for Larkin would be nice since there were 2/3 more girls than boys named Larkin last year based on SS stats. ( and even more including spelling variations)

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Uh, Mycroft is a legitimate name (mostly known as Sherlock Holmes's brother) that I think should be included.

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    Re: What names have we missed?


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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Here are some unusual names not listed...

    A friend chose this name for her son:

    OSSIAN (pronounced OH-see-an)
    Gender: Masculine
    Usage: Literature
    Variant of OISÍN used by James Macpherson in his epic poems, which he claimed to have based on early Irish legends.

    Another chose this as the middle name of her daughter:

    Gender: Feminine
    Usage: Cornish
    Meaning 'crest of a wave'. This was the name of an early Cornish (male) saint.

    These names belonged to some of my mother's relatives:

    NELU (pronounced NELL-oo)
    Gender: Masculine
    Usage: Romanian
    Romanian diminutive of ION

    DORINA (pronounced Door-ee-nah)
    Gender: Feminine
    Usage: Romanian
    Feminine form of DORIN

    LARICE (pronounced Lah-reese)
    Gender: Feminine
    Usage: not known, but possibly a variation of Larissa

    I once had a lady with this name in the same adult education class:

    NYOLI (pronounced Nee-OH-lee)
    Gender: Feminine
    Apparently her mother saw the name in the births listing and liked it - unfortunately I have no idea of its actual origin/usage, but to my ears it reminds me of 'Neroli'.

    My mother came across a lady with the name:

    STROMA (pronounced STROW-mah - STROW sound like 'crow')
    Gender: Feminine
    This lady has European heritage but I don't know anything more of its origin/usage.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    I have recently fallen in love with Japanese and Chinese names and their lovely, poetic, graceful meanings. How about some of these:
    Girls names from Japan-

    Momoko/Momoka- A name common in Japan meaning 'peach child.' Such an interesting, pleasant meaning!

    Kumiko- A character from another Murakami book. Name means 'long-time beautiful child.'

    Naoko- 'Esteemed child.' A main character from the now film dramatised book 'Norwegian Wood', a cult novel in Asia and much of the West now.

    And for boys..

    Takumi- Meaning skillful.

    Akio- Meaning hero.

    Masato- Meaning holy man. Again, very popular in Japan.

    Ichiro- Meaning first son.

    The books by Murakami (of which 'Norwegian Wood' has now been made into a film) have given me a new found love of Japanese names! If only my partner agreed, I would seriously consider naming my son a Japanese name..
    Thanks Nameberry parents (Pam and Linda) X
    mum to the lovely Harriet Katia (10) Beatrix Liv (6) and Cordelia Joyce (4) and Lionel Rafferty (1 whole year already)

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