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    Re: What names have we missed?

    My name is Hollyann - which is not on here. My parents got it from the band Boston's Third Stage album - the same album with the song Amanda. I had never met another girl with the name Hollyann until college. My freshman year I knew a girl named Hollyann who was also named so because of the song "Hollyann"
    I have never found it on any name site, but I would like to see it. I have always loved my name, it is the right combination between traditional and unique. And it you have other combination names like "Maryann" on here, I see no reason why my name shouldn't also be included!

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    I think "Male" is probably not meant to be a name...

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Lisaiah - I don't really care for it when I see it written but my friend from Drummondville, Canada has a niece named Lisiah Giselle. The name rhymnes with Isaiah.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    This is late but one of my favorite boys name Mekhai isn't on here
    As of 7/29/11 consider this account deleted.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    My Oma's name is Afka. I was hoping you would mention it in your recent Dutch girls' name article, as she's straight out of Holland and I've always loved the sound of it. It would be nice to legitimize it on nameberry

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