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    Diora - There is an actress named Diora Baird and I think her name is lovely.

    Miriana - In March you wrote about the name Miriana on your site. "Miriana – From Sweden let’s go to Lake Como, Italy, where DesignMom’s latest Living with Kids house tour profiled a family of five. Their younger kids’ names would be right at home in the US – son Noa and daughter Zoe. But the name of their firstborn is the stunningly different Miriana. She seems to be a recent Italian innovation, a twist on Miriam, Mary Ann, and Marianna."
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    Some say it's derived from the Sanskrit Riya, but it could also be a variation of Rhea, or even the female variation of Rey.
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    McKay? A family friend recently used this for her baby, and nothing came up when I searched for it here. I looked on the Social Security website, it isn't in the top 1000 anywhere. It's fairly common in my area (I can think of 2 adult Mckay's, one baby, and someone else with it as a middle name) but I think it's because it's the surname of some historically important people around here.

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    Edelweiss - floral name. Although uncommon, it is the given name of Ven. Edel Quinn of the catholic faith.
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    Avonlea - the fictional Canadian town where the novel Anne of Green Gables takes place. While I have not personally met an Avonlea, I have heard of it being used as a name. L.M. Montgomery fans might consider Avonlea as a lovely tribute to Anne of Green Gables, particularly if they prefer more uncommon names than Anne.

    Aurélie - Nameberry already has Aurelie, but the proper French spelling has an accent over the first "e".

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