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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Is Layelle a name? I thought for sure it was. :\

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Distinctly Quebecoise names: Rejeanne (Rejean for males, accent on the first e in both sexes) and Archange (meaning Archangel). I've never seen these names outside of Quebecois families, but they rock :) And they aren't listed. Also there is a rather insignificant baseball player named Rejean Rivard currently playing I believe.

    Also, the ever wonderful Puritan/Bible name that is beggin' for a come back, boys name Elkanah. Missing in action :(

    I gotta love you for listing Reason in the boys names. That name has been in my ex-husband's family for generations and has especially strong presence in Kentucky for some reason. Thank you!
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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Oh, also Stamatina. It's Tina Fey's middle name

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    I'm not sure if someone already mentioned this, but Avishai isn't listed. It's my cousin's name, and I really like it. I looked it up and the meaning was "gift of my father" but I don't know how reliable that is.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    How about Raif?
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