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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Please, more Japanese names! They're pretty popular here in the Pacific Northwest where I live and I'd love more of a pool to search from here, with commentary on how different Japanese names sound to American ears.

    Here's a couple of suggestions:

    Megumi - F, "beautiful blessing"
    Sakura - F, "cherry blossom"
    Musashi - M, a legendary samurai
    Hikaru- F/M, "shining harbor", among other meanings

    I know it can be difficult to find a reliable source for Japanese names, but I'll still be cheeky and ask you ladies to make the effort. :)

    Also, I'm not usually one to burst someone else's baby-name bubble. I hate it when people tell me what name I can or cannot use.

    That said, I'd caution against someone naming a child "Amaterasu" if they plan on meeting Japanese people or going to Japan. It's not really done. I know, I know, I love the name too, I planned on it too, but I was assured it would be as out of place as an American naming their kid Jehovah.

    Well, maybe not quite THAT bad, but still considered weird.

    But, hey, if you really like it, then have fun. It's your kid.

    Me, I have lots of Japanese relatives, so I have to worry about how my Japanese name choices will play in Nagoya. :)

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Tyndale for a boy, after William Tyndale.

    I'm guessing Wycliffe is already somewhere around here, probably thanks to Wyclef Jean.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    This isn't from my culture but i have a few names. My friend found these names going through her kids year book. they're: Yanenash, Kripa, Mission, Kriti, and Kush.

    By the way the kids were triplets with all K's.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    I have another one, the girl's name Chauncee. Or spelled Chauncée.
    It's pronounced shawn-say.
    It's one of my good friends' names, and her mother's friend's name.

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    Blueberry :) I know it may sound a bit silly but I really like it as a middle name. You could also call her Blue for short. Or Berry.

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