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    Madeline's eleven friends

    Think of eleven friends for Madeline, the character from the children's book "Madeline" by Ludwig Behelmans..."In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines...the smallest one was Madeline." You can give them middle and last names, too. Extra points for thinking of Miss Clavel's first name, a name for the wounded soldier and a name for the tiger in the zoo.

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    Re: Madeline's eleven friends

    1. Martha Clementine Bellerose
    2. Penelope Iris Allard
    3. India Lucia Baudin
    4. Rosamund Aricie Bertrand
    5. Marie-Josphe Beaulieu
    6. Lilias Orabilis Caron
    7. Saffron Lucasta Delacroix
    8. Poppy Florentina Villeneuve
    9. Cosima Margery Soucy
    10. Annabel Celeste Rousseau
    11. Hazel Niniane Richelieu
    12. Madeline Cecile Moreau

    Miss Leonore Clavel
    The soldier: Reynard Leclair
    The tiger: Fausto

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    Re: Madeline's eleven friends

    1. Adeline
    2. Evaine
    3. Camille
    4. Abrial
    5. Berthe
    6. Eloise
    7. Chloe
    8. Eleanore
    9. Clarette
    10. Allouette
    11. Lisette

    Ms. Clavel's given name: Blanche
    Wounded Soldier: Nathanael Deveraux
    Tiger in the zoo: Pascal

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    Re: Madeline's eleven friends

    1. Sophie Clementine Moreau
    2. Chloe Mathilde Durand
    3. Lea Manon Fournier
    4. Camille Josephine Vincent
    5. Martha Suzanne Rousseau
    6. Virginie Charlotte Gauthier
    7. Juliette Helene Roux
    8. Lydie Oceane Cartier
    9. Marie Therese Barthez
    10. Vivienne Orianne Marcel
    11. Petronille Delphine Renoir
    12. Sylvie Marguerite Rochefort
    12. Madeline Ines Lepoidevin

    Miss Genevieve Agathe Clavel
    The soldier: Loic Charles Baptiste
    The tiger: Ajax

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    Re: Madeline's eleven friends

    Madeline and her friends:
    Amelie Joelle de Poncheville
    Beatrice Cecille de Maublanc
    Celestine Yvette Roux
    Genevieve Francois d'Harcourt
    Vivienne Fleur Prouvost
    Mathilde Estelle de Villoutreys
    Rosalie Avril de Soussay
    Violette Helene Delassus
    Jacqueline Fifi Rousseau
    Eloise Delphine de Fraiteur
    Anneliese Dagmar Sahlstrom
    Madeline Lucille de Chesney
    Other characters:
    Miss Bernadette Hortense Clavel
    the soldier: Emile Bastien Montague
    the tiger: Hugo

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