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Thread: Initial CAF

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    Initial CAF

    Create a family with these initials, any other middle names can start with an initial of your choice.

    DH: AJ
    DW: HV

    DS: CA
    DD: IL
    DD: EJ
    DS: NB
    DD/DD: DM / ZB
    DD: SK
    DS: LW
    DS/DS: GI / TS
    DD: EL
    DS: FP
    DD/DS: RC / RO

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    Re: Initial CAF

    Mama to Leo Sebastian, Simon Ambrose, Josephine Rosamel &
    Angel: 05/09/11

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    Re: Initial CAF

    DH: Aldo Jerome
    DW: Honey Viridiana

    DS: Conrad Alvar
    DD: Isadora Lovisa
    DD: Elvia Jonquil
    DS: Nestor Berold
    DD/DD: Della Marigold, Zinnia Blythe
    DD: Sapphira Kalinda
    DS: Linus Walden
    DS/DS: Granville Isombard, Theodore Sinclair
    DD: Everild Lavender
    DS: Franz Piero
    DD/DS: Rosabelle Christine, Raymond Orlo

    Edit: I never read other people's responses to these games until after I've made mine, and when I finally do look I'm always surprised that, even with thousands of names to choose from, I still usually end up with at least a few overlapping ones (Zinnia, Blythe, Theodore, and Lavender this time)...Not that I mind sharing!

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