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    DH: Raphael David
    Genevieve Helene
    DS: Raphael Augustin
    DD/DD/DD:Genevieve Elise, Vivienne Lucille, Orianne Marie
    DS: Aurelien Michel
    DS:Fabien Louis
    DD:Marianne Corinne
    Christian Robert/ Nicolas Rene
    DD:Elodie Rose
    DS: Alexandre Charles
    DD/DD: Adele Celine/ Amelie Camille
    DD: Edith Danielle

    Adelaide, Adele, Adeline, Adrienne, Agathe, Aimee, Alexandrine, Alice, Amandine, Ambre, Amelie, Anais, Anastasie, Angeline, Anne, Arianne, Arielle, Aurelie, Aurore, Camille, Caroline, Catherine, Celine, Celeste, Charlotte, Chloe, Christelle, Claire, Claudine, Clementine, Constance, Coralie, Corinne, Danielle, Delphine, Desiree, Dominique, Edith, Eleonore, Eliane, Elisabeth, Elise, Elodie, Eloise, Emeline, Emilie, Emma, Esme, Estelle, Esther, Eve, Eveline, Fleur, Florence, Florianne, Gabrielle, Gaelle, Genevieve, Georgine, Ghislaine, Giselle, Gwenaelle, Hannah, Helene, Ines, Iris, Isabel, Isabelle, Jacinthe, Jeanne, Josephine, Josiane, Julienne, Juliette, Justine, Lea, Leonie, Leontine, Lilian, Lise, Lucie, Lucienne, Lucille, Lydie, Madeleine, Maelle, Maelys, Maeva, Manon, Marcelline, Margaux, Margot, Marguerite, Marianne, Marie, Marielle, Marine, Marise, Mathilde, Melisande, Micheline, Monique, Morgane, Muriel, Nadia, Nadine, Nathalie, Nicole, Nina, Ninon, Noemie, Oceane, Olivie, Orianne, Osanne, Pascale, Penelope, Petronille, Rachel, Rebecca, Renee, Romane, Rosalie, Rose, Rosine, Roxanne, Sabine, Salome, Sandrine, Seraphine, Severine, Simone, Solange, Sophie, Suzanne, Sylvie, Therese, Veronique, Victoire, Violette, Virginie, Vivienne, Yseult, Yvette, Yvonne, Zoe

    Adam, Alain, Alexandre, Ambroise, Andre, Antoine, Armand, Arthur, Auguste, Augustin, Aurelien, Baptiste, Bastien, Benjamin, Benoit, Bruno, Cesar, Charles, Clement, Christian, Christophe, Claude, Constantin, Corin, Daniel, David, Denis, Didier, Dorian, Edouard, Emile, Emilien, Enzo, Ethan, Etienne, Eugene, Fabien, Fabrice, Felix, Florian, Francois, Frederic, Gabriel, Gael, Gaspard, Georges, Geraud, Gilles, Gregoire, Guillaime, Gustave, Guy, Gwenael, Hector, Henri, Hugo, Jacques, Jean, Jerome, Joel, Joseph, Julien, Laurent, Laurentin, Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leopold, Loic, Louis, Luc, Lucas, Lucien, Ludovic, Mael, Marc, Mathieu, Mathis, Maxence, Maxime, Michel, Nathan, Nicolas, Noel, Olivier, Pascale, Patrice, Paul, Philippe, Pierre, Raphael, Raymond, Remy, Rene, Renaud, Richard, Robert, Romain, Sacha, Samuel, Sebastien, Severin, Simon, Stephane, Theo, Theodore, Thibault, Thierry, Thomas, Tristan, Valentin, Vincent, Xavier, Yanick, Yves, Zacharie
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Rose Caroline, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter, Marina Adelaide, Emmeline Margot, Alice Primrose,Annabel Frances, Catherine Isabella, Vivienne Lucille
    Gentlemen: Frederick Arthur Louis, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett, Edmund Tobias, Asher Benjamin, and James Raphael

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    New Zealand

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    Saskatchewan, Canada
    DH: Mathieu Clement
    DW: Yvonne Delphine

    DS: Julien Benoit
    DD/DD/DD: Isabelle Anne/Gabrielle Eve/Arielle Jeanne
    DS: Auguste Raphael
    DS: Lucien Richard
    DD: Claire Marie
    DS/DS: Théodore Charles/Pascal Armand
    DD: Penelope Margot
    DS: Dorian Joséph
    DD/DD: Joséphine Zoe/Séraphine Rose
    DD: Desirée Thérèse
    Auntie to Connor Douglas (2012), Parker Isabella (2013), & Hunter Donald (2016)


    I just started a youtube channel! Please comment on my names video here.
    I believe that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

    (Not currently expecting or TTC)

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    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, Maura, Mil, Floss, Connor, David, and so many many more

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