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    Baby witch top chef Halloween special in honor of Lola

    Six four-year-old baby witches are in a contest one Halloween night where they all have to concoct the very best witch's brew. What are their names, what do they put in their different brews, who wins, and who are the judges?

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    lola Guest

    Re: Baby witch top chef Halloween special in honor of Lola

    :D :D :D :D

    1. Araminta Juno - Petrifying Punch: Fruit juice, lemon juice, limeaide, green olives.
    2. Portia Malini Singarayer - Skeleteen Soda: Generic Cola, bits of cauliflower, sugar and a straw.
    3. Florentina Ghislaine - Vampire Juice: Tomato Juice (or V8), 1 stalk of celery, seltzer or 7 up to taste.
    4. Sylvie Morwenna - Brain Hemmorage: Orange juice, Cononut juice, Raspberry club soda, orange peel curls, radish curls.
    5. Alasdair Llewellyn - The Green Ghost: Peach Iced tea, green Jello, Limeaide, lime slices.
    6. Erasmus Fausto - Eyeball Martini: radish, 1 pimiento stuffed green olive, green Jello, Club soda.

    Amarantha Gelvira
    Belial Alverad
    Israfel Adalfuns
    Nin Sandulf

    Winner: Florentina Ghislaine and her Vampire juice!

    Runner up: Erasmus Fausto & his Eyeball "Martini"!

    That was fun! :D

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    Re: Baby witch top chef Halloween special in honor of Lola

    Greenie Glenda, Frizzy Frieda, Clammy Clementine, Drooling Drusilla, Warty Wanda, Screaming Ermintrude

    brews: Glenda's Mud Mixer: mud, earthworms, eyeballs, coconut, and meatballs,
    Frieda's Oatmeal Sludge: salt, oatmeal, toad tongues, and M & Ms,
    Clementine's Squishy Smash: toe jam, toenails, catsup, and peanut butter,
    Drusilla's Dragon Dressing: Dragon skin, turkey goo, mayonnaise, and taco shells,
    Wanda's Wake-up Whip: coffee grinds, coffee, Nutella, and Ritz crackers, and curlers
    Trudy's Tummy Teaser: Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismal, and licorice.

    Winner: Trudy's Tummy Teaser followed by Drusilla's Dragon Dressing

    Judges: Barron Bat, Gomez Ghost, and Catalina Cat

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    Re: Baby witch top chef Halloween special in honor of Lola

    Horrible Hilda Hortense & her eyeball stew- 10 pimiento-stuffed green olives, ketchup, mustard, snot, and soy milk.

    Germy Gertrude Glenda & her spicy pepper stew- Cayenne peppers, ginger ale, pineapple, earthworms (about 8) and tomato juice.

    Whiny Wilhemina Wartzel & her nightsong stew- bat's wings and noses from 2 bats, the tail of two cats, Pepsi, skunk stink, and juice from 2 varieties of night blooming flowers.

    Earthy Ermentrude Elvira & her witch's moonshine- gin, grub worms, pickle juice, and rotted mouse guts

    Lazy Luthgarde Lunella & her no work witches stew- pour the following into a hot cauldron and stir twice- 1 whole rabbit (fur and all), V8 juice (2 bottles), green beans (1 can), a bunch of celery (unwashed) and a whole broccoli flower (also unwashed)

    Ashy Agnes Aobhlinn & her witch's soot stew- grill the entrails of any 5 small rodents until charred, then throw in cauldron with fish guts, millipedes, fresh ginger, and 7 up.

    Judges are Wanda Wartnose, and Eragon Ebenezer

    Winners are first place- Whiny Wilhelmina Wartzel's nightsong stew
    second place goes to Ashy Agnes Aobhlinn's witch's soot stew

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    1. Verbena Isolde Lux - Wingless Wasp : 10 Wasp legs, herbs, dust from under a bead, apple juice.
    2. Fiammeta Gorgiana - Toe Soda: 6 toes, pickled in vinager, old dish water with parsley infusion, mushrooms.
    3. Elspeth Veronica Foxen - BB drink: Boiled bats brain, liquid brockily.
    4. Ravenna Charlotte - Ravens Worry: 10 raven tail feathers, chopped finely, pinch of ants, mustard, Liquid goat bones.
    5. Darko Grosvenor - Froghop: Six 3 day old rats, roses, 1 frog, dirt from under ones tonails.
    6. Creve Cuthbert - FoggyBrain: 1 large goats brain, ten fingers from 1 cannibal, parsley, garlic and powdered tree bark from the barking tree.

    Ses Wintaffle
    Foxcliff Gossenger - Feg
    Swanhild Dovenacy
    Grimshaw Grimshaw
    Pialotta Pinto

    Winner: Fiammeta Gorgiana with her Toe Soda

    Runner up: Elspeth Veronica Foxen with her BB drink

    That was fun!

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    pinkcandle Guest
    Averdine Sabina - Cat's Eye Stew: 13 leeches, 4 cups of toenail clippings, a scoop of pond algae, and 2.5 teaspoons of mealworms
    Elfrida Ambrose - Very Bloody Mary: 2 pounds human flesh, 4 cups O negative blood, a lock of black hair, and 1 tablespoon of nutmeg
    Charka Keilani - Tombstone Mixer: 3 cups packed dirt, 6 cups fog, 1/2 cup rose petals, 4 teaspoons of lake water, and a pinch of fly.
    Phaedra Zehavi - Corpse Punch: 1 pound rotting timber, 2 cups fingers, 1/2 cup A posotive blood, and a pinch of molding flesh
    Narvita Tazi - Bat Wing Broth: 3 cups dragon spit, 5 cups ground bat meat, 3 tablespoons chopped roots, and a pinch of cloud
    Euterpes Penelope - Jack O'Lantern Mocha: 2 cups Gryffin coffee, 4 pounds pumpkin guts, and a teaspoon of sweetened Hydra mix

    The Judges: Bartimus Otither, Morag Nabula, and Catalina Jan

    1st place: Elfrida Ambrose's Very Bloody Mary
    2nd place: Averdine Sabina's Cats Eye Stew
    3rd place: Narvita Tazi'a Bat Wing Broth

    Is it wrong that I enjoyed this so much? Please make another one (or five)!

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    Evie, Isabelle (Issie), Charlotte (Lottie), Sophie, Lillie, Madison (Maddie), Alice, Isla, Pippa

    Charlie, George, Oliver, Oscar, Noah, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Evie Rose, Noah James, Oscar Thomas, Charlotte "Lottie" Mia, Sophie Flora, Isabelle "Issie" Mae, Charlie Max

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    nowhere special
    Odessa Sybil - Centipede Cider: Apple cider, cinnamon, gummy worms, apple slice dipped in caramel (garnish)
    Petra Leonora - Crematorium Soda: Cream soda, lemon juice, diced apricots, grandma's ashes
    Guinevere Oona - Scalding Hot Chocolate: Milk, dark chocolate, chili powder, ghost pepper (garnish), chocolate shavings (garnish)
    Masha Lorelei - A Clockwork Orange Soda: Seltzer water, orange juice, lemon jello powder, orange zest
    Catriona Juniper - Babysitter's Demise: Lemonade, chopped up lime, sugar, raspberries, arsenic
    Ursula Dominique - Screwdriver to the Head: Orange juice, club soda, diced strawberries, sugar, poured over shaved ice

    Winner: Masha Lorelei
    Runner Up: Odessa Sybil

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