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    Re: Sarah Palin Kids' rescue

    Quote Originally Posted by susan
    Quote Originally Posted by drew
    Track --> Track
    Trig --> Trig
    Bristol --> Bristol
    Willow --> Willow
    Piper --> Piper

    I actually tend to like the names. I think if you remove the names from the person of Sarah Palin and put them on the some kids down the street, you probably would too. Especially the girl's names. But I think the boys names have their own cool potential.
    It wouldn't help me if these names were the names of the kids down the street. I would still desperately need some Peptol Bismal. Especially for the purile sounds of Trig and Track!
    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for respecting different people's opinions, but honestly... Trig? To me, Trig is a type of math. Track should be renamed Calculus!

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    Re: Sarah Palin Kids' rescue

    lol @ salifer! Exactly--Trig should at least be short for Trigonometry. It's fun to tease about the Palin kids' names but I don't mind the girls' names at all, just the boys' names, and that's probably because I'm more conservative with boy names in general. I don't think I like Track much less than Blaze or Trig much less than Canon when it comes down to it. I guess I'll take a stab at it:

    Track -------> Acton
    Bristol ------> Bristol
    Willow -----> Willow
    Piper -------> Piper
    Trig ---------> Tristan

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    Re: Sarah Palin Kids' rescue

    This is odd... but I'll play!

    Willow and Piper are good names in my book. Bristol, Trig and specially Track are too much for me so here are my alternatives:

    Bristol: Georgia (still a place name,but better on my map)
    Track: Travis
    Trig: Tatcher.

    I wouldn't use these names but I prefer them to the ones the children have.

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    Re: Sarah Palin Kids' rescue

    "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

    please check out my list!:

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